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Got Yourself a Set of New Dentures? Know 7 Convenient Ways to Adjust It
March 13, 2018  |  Dental Dentures

Got Yourself a Set of New Dentures? Know 7 Convenient Ways to Adjust It

Heading to a clinic and getting your dentures fixed by your dentist is not enough because the main job starts right after that. You may face some issues while chewing on your food or talking, but there is definitely a solution to it.

You need to register few tricks and tips in your mind so that adjusting dentures become a cakewalk for you.

The Advantage of Luke Warm Water:

There would be a sudden increase in saliva generation after getting a new set of dentures. And on the other hand, your gums might pain a little too. But it can be settled down if you take a glass of lukewarm water, mix it with salt and wash your mouth properly.

Do Some Facial Exercise: 

It's true that it takes a few days to fix a denture properly, but you can make it convenient for yourself by doing some facial exercises. Do not come up with your own techniques as it could give direction to a new issue, so ask your doctor to suggest some exercises for your cheeks.

Eat Soft Food Items Initially: 

You have to maintain a diet for the first few days because biting on something hard can make your dentures slip away. Dentures anyway have a tendency to loosen up, so you need to eat soft food items initially.

Keep Talking or Reading Out Loud: 

There would be a slight difference in your pronunciation after getting new dentures. But fret not, because they say that practice makes a man perfect. Therefore, all you need to do this talk a lot and practice reading out loud. This will bring in a huge disparity in your speech.

Try to Sing: 

This may sound a little weird but singing also helps in adjusting dentures. So, play some music and sing along. There might be instances where you may feel uncomfortable because of your dentures but this can be a savior.

Wear it for Long Hours: 

You may not feel the requirement of wearing your dentures for long but try to do that during the initial days. The more you will wear your dentures, the more you will be able to fix it.

Consult Your Dentist if Nothing Works Out: 

You might follow all the tips thoroughly but there could still be a possibility of confusion. So, see your dentist if nothing works out for you, he will be the best person to guide you.

You are bound to face a lot of issues if you are using dentures for the very first time. Hence, do not hesitate to talk about it with the people around you. We can also give you a proper guidance on it for free. So, call us @(817) 984-5419 today.