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7 Ways of Treating Your Teeth Well While Being Sick
February 01, 2018  |  Oral Health

7 Ways of Treating Your Teeth Well While Being Sick

Our body gives up if we go through some serious health issues. Taking proper care of our oral hygiene becomes next to impossible then, therefore, flossing regularly or brushing for two minutes does not seem like an option. But have you thought of the amount of damage it may cause to your mouth? You can actually look after your teeth despite having other health issues. All you need to do is follow few things wholeheartedly.

Hydrate Your Mouth: 

We all know how essential water is for our health. For example, if your nose gets blocked due to a bad cold, you would require breathing from your mouth. This will not generate much saliva, so what you can do is, take a sip of water every now and then to keep your mouth hydrated. This will protect your teeth for sure.

Gargling with Luke Warm Water: 

Gargling clears out all the bacterias from the mouth, hence what could be better than this to safeguard your teeth while being sick? But don’t forget to add a pinch of salt to the water, as this would be more effectual.

Do Not Immediately Brush After Vomiting: 

Our mouth stinks after puking but never brush right away as the acids coming out of the stomach might get rubbed against your teeth. So, it's better if you rinse your mouth properly after puking.

Mandatorily Brush Before Going to Bed: 

It becomes impossible to look after our teeth properly when we are going through some sort of sickness. But your teeth are bound to get sabotaged if you do not brush them before going to bed. However, it might get a little difficult to follow but try not to miss out on it.

Choose Your Cough Syrup Wisely: 

We have a habit of drinking cough syrups after catching a really bad flu, but try to take a sugar-free one if you are conscious about your teeth. Anything sugary is harmful to the teeth.

Change Your Toothbrush After Recovering: 

Using your infected toothbrush after recovering could be a bad decision. It may give rise to an all new disease, so discard that right after you recuperate.

Sinus Can Affect Your Teeth: 

Sinus itself is unbearable, so imagine what would be the condition if it starts affecting your teeth, especially the molars. So, do not ignore a sinus pain, consult a doctor as soon as the pain triggers.

Apart from the factors which are mentioned here, you can also try out some other measures to take care of your teeth while being sick. You can talk to others related to the matter or else call us @(817) 984-5419 to get a better idea.