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An Insight Into One-Visit CEREC Crown and Why It is Beneficial
May 15, 2018  |  Dental Crown

An Insight Into One-Visit CEREC Crown and Why It is Beneficial

CEREC or chairside economical restoration of esthetic crowns are constructed using CAD or CAM technologies to match the impression of your tooth. And the procedure is completed within a few hours. The crown is made in the dental office itself and it just takes a single visit for the restoration.

Dentists use hi-tech systems to make CEREC crowns so that it fits perfectly in your mouth, improves your bite and the condition of your affected tooth.

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We have spoken about the advantages of CEREC crown today which are listed below.

It Functions Like Your Original Tooth:

A crown restoration will be successful if it provides the same amount of strength as your natural tooth. CEREC crowns function just like your original tooth due to which you don’t face difficulties while eating or talking.

They are Durable: 

CEREC crowns can last long without any cracks or damage. Dentists use modern ceramics to construct them which makes them strong and sustainable. Therefore, they are reliable.

Same Day Restorations Can Be Convenient: 

We have already mentioned above that a CEREC crown can be fixed within a day because it takes just a few hours. Therefore, it can be beneficial for those who long for a faster result and digital impression could be convenient for most patients rather than traditional impressions.

The Reduction of Tooth is Minimal: 

An adequate amount of tooth reduction is required to fix a traditional crown due to which the structure of your tooth that might get scraped off could be excessive. However, it is just the opposite when it comes to CEREC crown, the tooth reduction is quite minimal.

A Temporary Crown is Not Needed to Fix: 

It takes more than one visit to restore a traditional crown and the dentist needs to fix a temporary crown before the final restoration. But, it is not the same with CEREC crowns as they are fixed within a few hours. Therefore, the process of fixing it is much convenient and less time-consuming.

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