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Don’t Let an Abscess Infected Tooth Ruin Your Smile
December 25, 2017  |  Dental Health

Don’t Let an Abscess Infected Tooth Ruin Your Smile

Are you suffering from the abscessed tooth? And still leaving it untreated? The consequence will be deadly in due course of time.

There are generally two kinds of abscess tooth like:

  • A Periapical abscess shape at the tip of the tooth’s root.

  • A periodontal abscess distress bone next to your tooth

What causes an abscessed tooth?

Untreated cavity at times can cause a cavity or gum disease. If the cavity isn’t treated then the inside of the tooth becomes infected. Gradually bacteria spread from the tooth to the tissues around it.

Untreated abscess teeth can affect you in these ways:

  • When the abscess infects the gums around the teeth and the bone which supports it, tooth loss can occur because when too much of bone is damaged, the tooth starts to move more and more.

  • If the abscess origin is having a cavity, then the decay will continue to grow if it is not treated, which can destroy a tooth completely leading to tooth loss.

  • If by any chance the tooth abscess spreads to the brain through blood vessels, the person might have to face brain abscess. This situation can become serious and might get difficult to treat.

  • Ludwig’s angina is a stern infection that can impinge on parts of the face and the lower jaw. It habitually initiates from an untreated tooth abscess. The peril is that it can breed enough to block the airways, causing suffocation leading to death.

  • When bacteria from a dental abscess reach the heart through blood vessels, this infection is named as bacterial endocarditis

Other problems that an abscessed tooth can readily cause are:

  • Pain becomes intense when you chew food.

  • Red, swollen gums,

  • Bad salty taste.

  • High temperature

  • Pus may ooze out at times

  • Tooth becomes so sensitive that you can hardly touch it.

  • As the infection spreads, the bone in your jaw may start to suspend. When this occurs, you possibly will get less hurt, but the disease will still be there. If you lose bone, your tooth will turn out to be movable and may have to be extracted.

  • If you face a severe toothache, then swelling of gums in your teeth, is visible. Call your dentist right there.

To Give You Relief From an Abscessed Tooth Your Dentist May

  • Your dentist will apply heat or cold to the tooth, and then he will go for an X-ray.

  • Dentist will prescribe some doses of antibiotics to kill all the bacteria in the mouth.

  • Impinge a hole in the tooth to drain the infection and relieve the pain.

  • If needed root canal has to be done.

  • Tooth has to be extracted. This may be needed if you don’t want a root canal.

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