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Same Day Dentures Trending in Dental Community
September 29, 2016  |  Uncategorized

Same Day Dentures Trending in Dental Community

Losing all your teeth no longer implies losing hope. You can still look trendy with artificial replacements.

Now while replacements can also be through implants, dentures have become the more popular choice among patients.

This is because the treatment can be completed in a single session, thanks to modern technology. Same-day dentures have revamped the existing trends in the dental community by a significant margin and now you can also smile with confidence with natural-looking artificial teeth.

Dentures as the ideal replacement

Dentures are natural-looking removable replicas of your natural teeth created using artificial materials for an entire mouth and gum tissue, designed to look as realistic as possible. The dentures are removable and you can have them fitted in a single day.

The best part about same-day dentures is that the most expensive parts of the set are artificial crowns. They are fabricated artificially in the lab and can be customized according to the material of your choice. The expense varies in this case and you can choose to have the set that suits you best.

Unlike dental implants, each of which are as expensive as a Cadillac, and replacing multiple teeth can be like buying a fleet of Caddies, dentures are a collective apparatus that does not require surgical installation. Being removable, it is also easier to maintain good oral hygiene with dentures.

Know more about dentures in our informative video.

Artificial crowns and customization

The most vital part of your set of dentures would be the artificial crowns. The lab at your dental care center can help you customize your set of artificial crowns for your dentures. You can choose from a variety of materials like acrylic, resin, porcelain, or metal alloys to build your crowns.

Each material comes with its own set of advantages. If you’re interested in aesthetics it is a better deal to get porcelain or acrylic crowns for your dentures as they best imitate natural teeth.

Before outfitting you with same-day dentures, your dental care professional will investigate your mouth for signs of damage and other dental health concerns that you might have.

This will help your dentist ensure that you don’t develop dental problems while you’re on dentures treatment. Taking care of your dentures is essential and you can do it more effectively as they are removable.

Consult your dental care professional for the proper way to maintain oral hygiene with dentures.

Revamp your lifestyle

The disadvantage of missing teeth aren't just cosmetic, missing teeth can also contribute to obstructing even the simplest everyday tasks, like chewing and your ability to speak clearly. We all wish for that perfect smile. But as we grow older, our dental health diminishes and we stand to lose most of our teeth. Dental dentures can help restore that flawless smile. Consult your dental care professional to know if same-day dentures are right for you and revamp your lifestyle.

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