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Why Is Dental Bridges And Crowns Necessary To Bring Back The Lost Smile?
October 23, 2018  |  blog

Why Is Dental Bridges And Crowns Necessary To Bring Back The Lost Smile?

Bridges and crowns are prosthetic devices that are usually fixed on the surface of the teeth or implants by means of cementing. According to the dentists, the dental crowns help cover the damaged tooth or implant, while the bridges close the gap left between the missing teeth.

The best part about using dental bridges is that they are a permanent solution and doesn’t require frequent replacements. They remain firmly fixed and provide a strong base to the root of the teeth. As per the dentists, both dental bridges and crowns play a critical role in covering the damaged tooth or implant and closing the gap left between the missing teeth.

In this blog, we have cited 3 separate reasons why bridges and crowns are necessary to bring back the lost smile.

Dental Crowns

  • Eases Pain – If you have a cracked tooth, then in all probability it would hurt your tongue every time you bite. A dental crown can definitely help you out in such a situation. The procedure for placing a dental crown is easy and doesn’t involve much pain. With the help of a crown, a dentist will be able to treat the cracked portion of the tooth in a few minutes.

  • Provides Excellent Protection – If you have a damaged tooth that is constantly bothering you, then dental crowns can definitely help you out. The dentists primarily use it to protect it from the attack of disease-causing bacteria while it is still in a healthy condition.

  • Plays A Significant Role In The Root Canal Procedure – Root canal therapy is the process by which a decayed or infected tooth is treated. In the final step of the root canal therapy, a dental crown is placed on the upper surface of the teeth. This protects the tooth from future dental problems.

Dental Bridges

  • Perfect Replacement For A Missing Tooth – If a situation arises when tooth extraction becomes necessary, then dental bridges can act as the perfect replacement to a missing tooth. They are extremely easy to insert, and a dentist will be able to complete the procedure in just one sitting.

  • Bone Grafting Is Not Required – This is one of the main reasons why dentists all over the world prefer using dental bridges. If your bone has recessed at the place of the missing tooth due to some issue, bone grafting is not at all necessary for placing the dental bridge.

  • Extremely Pocket-Friendly – If you are in the view that dental bridges can cut a hole in your pocket, then you are terribly mistaken. They are extremely pocket-friendly and never dig a hole in the pocket. The best part is, you can ask a dentist to place a denture which perfectly fits your budget.

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