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What Is Dental X-Rays Role in the Field Of Dentistry?
June 15, 2022  |  blog

What Is Dental X-Rays Role in the Field Of Dentistry?

Your dentist can see a lot inside your mouth with the help of valuable diagnostic tools such as intraoral cameras, mouth mirrors, magnification, etc. But still, many parts of your mouth are invisible to the dentist. Some of the hidden areas within your mouth include the area under the fillings, between the teeth, the area below the gums, the area within the jaw bone, and the area deep inside the grooves of the teeth. These are some areas that are not visible to the dentist in Crowley. Such sites can't be examined using light, magnification, and probing. To accurately inspect these areas, the Crowley dentist will use dental x-rays.

Uses Of Dental X-Rays

It assists the dentist by revealing a lot about the hidden areas of your mouth. Thus the dentist gets the opportunity to determine various factors such as the extent of the gum disease, the cavity between your left molars, whether any leaking of the filling has taken place in the upper left premolar, etc. The dentist can also determine how much your wisdom teeth have been impacted.

Dental X-Rays Help Identify Vulnerable Areas Within Your Mouth

X-rays play a significant role in preventive dentistry. It is because it helps the dentist to identify the vulnerable areas within your mouth. Thus the dentist in Crowley can recommend preventative measures for the patient in advance. Certain areas within the teeth, such as where both your upper teeth and lower teeth touch together, are often prone to tooth decay. To prevent tooth decay in this area, you must floss regularly. With the help of x-rays, the dentist can identify the ''softened'' areas within the tooth enamel that can pave the way for an actual cavity. Thus the dentist can recommend preventive steps such as flossing and using fluoride gels that could prevent the area from becoming a cavity.

Dental x-rays also play a significant role in determining the progress of gum disease. If you have a family history of tooth loss and gum disease, then frequent dental checkups and x-rays may be required for diagnosing and monitoring the condition. Even though the dentist in Crowley uses a periodontal probe to examine and record specific details, the overall picture of the gums' status and the gum disease progression can be identified only using a dental x-ray.

Thus dental x-rays have an inevitable role in dentistry when it comes to using it as a valuable diagnostic tool. Haven't you yet had a dental checkup? Please visit your nearby dentist in Crowley for a detailed oral examination and dental x-rays.