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Do You Really Know What Your Hygienist Does
October 20, 2017  |  blog

Do You Really Know What Your Hygienist Does

“A dentist at work in his vocation always looks down in the mouth”

So when a baby grows gradually he or she gradually understand the importance of teeth because after sometime it gets uprooted.

And the most noteworthy fact among American children suffers from chronic tooth decay and tooth loss which finally needs dental care.

Generally a child faces tooth loss in the primary age of a child that is in between 6 to 9 months, and in case the child undergoes any kind of abnormality then a hygienist needs to be shown.

A good health tags along with healthy gum and spotless primary teeth of a child, so one knows when they should visit a hygienist.

Hygienist knows the norms in order to keep teeth healthy. According to the norms a child’s toothbrush must be soft and be used in 45 degrees angle. Brushing it back and forth and tilting it vertically.

Dental hygiene has changed perilously through ages, their main purpose is to promote awareness and restrain health problem. Beside prophylaxis appointment hygienists have lot more miscellaneous tasks such as equipment maintenance and inventory.

They mainly focus on the varied tasks such as evaluating patients’ problem, checking up their histories if they have ,application of electric toothbrush, radiographs, fluoride treatment, oral cancer screening and recall scheduling.

Hygienist looks in for more other important responsibilities like veneers or teeth whitening. The hygienist focus in areas which further needs to be diagnosed by doctor in future. A prolific hygiene department is a mark of busy curative practice. Steps go like this:

  • No comprising on the rudiments, like if there are two available laboratories but one has power scaler then it is not viable to move the equipments here and there.

  • Right equipment should be provided- right tools are needed for treating patients. It is impossible for hygienist to do treatment because works cannot be rightly conducted with distorted materials. So for productive work hygienist require right equipments.

  • Intra oral cameras –Intra oral cameras is basically shaped like pen, which National Dental Care dentist use to capture the picture and display its image in computer screen or television.

Dental hygienists work with many other professionals who aim to promote dental maximum health care to their patients .They work to promote integrated management of health care by diagnosing the problem related to oral health.

They focus onto periodontal therapies like periodontal debridement, prophylaxis intraoral radiographs, dental sealants. Tasks coordinated by them include-dental braces, construction of mouthguards.

In 1800s or may be alter than that dental diseases were taken by seriously in which D.D Smith of Philadelphia took up this matter and started explaining it to colleagues and patients.

So nowadays we do celebrate October as National Dental Hygiene Month; who have always conducted the role to coordinate between patient and dentist.

Hygienists evaluate the treatment plan and also schedule the right nutrition for the patients. Apart from being creative they maintain a huge group of client in their work.

By applying their creative intelligence they can connect between patient’s oral health and general health.