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Escape from the vituperative world of drinks and other beverages
November 20, 2017  |  blog

Escape from the vituperative world of drinks and other beverages

Dangers of alcohol and oral health

Do you know that Americans in-take 4 alcoholic drinks per week; but just like our skin have pores similarly teeth has which facilitates to trap the stains and make your teeth discolored. Alcohol can cause many physical tribulations like cirrhosis to the liver or metabolic problems, but mostly it affects the teeth Alcohol serves as a drying agent

  • Alcohol serves as a drying agent

It reduces saliva and hence the mouth dries up. Saliva the most important constituent acts as a cleansing agent and slowly wears off the enamel from the teeth and this further result in bad breath.

Most of alcoholic drinks like red wines, beer often have a high acidic content with high sugar level. If you have tendency to drink more alcohol then your teeth will sure to have cavities, gum wears off ultimately tooth loss can occur.

  • Inter-relationship between mouth and alcohol

Having soda, alcohol can increase the growth of bacteria inside the mouth which can dehydrate your body. This gradually makes the tongue pale, this only happens when papillae gets tender, and it becomes sensitive to bacteria and traps it.

If you do not wash your mouth after having these then black hairy tongue and bad breath can occur in your mouth.

  • Alcohol and its far-reaching effects in gum

The sugar content in alcohol increases the growth of bacteria which affects the gum leading to swelling, bleeding and bad breath. The gum tissues slowly starts to loose and finally it leads to tooth extraction.

If you carrying baby inside and or maybe under medications then try to avoid alcohol.

  • Beer is acidic just like wine

We all know that the color in beverages comes from chromogens, which gets attached in the tooth thereby staining it, or any dark colored drinks can affect your smile .

The best way you can do is try to drink it with straws, but if that is embarrassing then try to swirl with mouth wash preferably containing hydrogen peroxide.

Tooth damage gets increased if you have a tendency to chew the ice in it. This can break your teeth and decay your enamel slowly.

Protecting your smile from alcohol

When you visit dentist, then he can identify the stages of periodontal diseases.  If your oral health is in danger then you can well understand that you are carrying; cavities, bad breath or tooth loss.

No alcohol in party

It’s not always party becomes grand with bottles of alcohol, you can enjoy with good foods and making memories.

Note :  

If you want to have red wine just because it kills all kind of bacteria in the mouth called streptococci, then dentist will say that this is no good reason to intake alcohol.

But still if you face any kind of oral problem then dentist are there to resolve your problems and perform accordingly. But just keep in mind that you need to get away from these ill habits not only to protect your teeth but entire health.

Dentist will always recommend you to do away with these ill habits. But if you are in the edge of quitting or have left already the scars won't go that easily and bad odor may still linger. Come down to and fix an appointment with us; Affordable Dentist Near Me, Fort Worth.