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Get The Most Modern Treatment From Your Invisalign® Dentist in Fort Worth
August 24, 2015  |  Uncategorized

Get The Most Modern Treatment From Your Invisalign® Dentist in Fort Worth

An Invisalign dentist in Fort Worth has the distinct advantage of working with some of the best people in the world and with one of the most innovative and revolutionary advances in dental medicine at the same time.

For people who suffer from malocclusion, which is what dentists call crooked teeth, there has never been anything quite as discrete and effective as Invisalign®. In fact, it could successfully be argued that this is a treatment option that has opened up the door to an entire segment of the population who want straighter teeth, but would never have considered traditional braces as a viable possibility.


The challenge, we believe, is making sure folks know about how great Invisalign® is and how much good it can do for them. We love having patients come in to see the Invisalign® dentist in Fort Worth and not know anything at all about the product. Why? Because this allows us to show you how a customized game plan, combined with virtually invisible aligners and a system that has a 96 percent customer satisfaction rating, can help you with your dental issues.

There are many people who need this treatment. In a recent study of the number of people across the country who needs orthodontics to straighten their teeth, it was found that only 35 percent of the entire population have teeth naturally considered to be straight. For the remaining 65 percent of people, they suffer from mild to severe malocclusion, with 15 percent of those having such severely crooked teeth, it adversely affects their social status and ability to clearly articulate and enunciate.

For your Invisalign dentist in Fort Worth, we would like to treat every one of these folks and give them the teeth they have always wanted. In addition to the widespread challenges with malocclusion, there are also issues with bite misalignment. Roughly 20 percent of the population suffers from bite problems, with either their bottom teeth or their top teeth protruding significantly past the opposite set. This can lead to challenges with language, cavities, and even wearing down of the teeth, in addition to just plain looking bad.

When you see your Invisalign dentist in Fort Worth, we start you on a completely customized plan. Invisalign® works by placing clear aligners – think of them in terms of plastic trays – over your teeth. These aligners are designed to gradually move your teeth at a rate of .25mm to .30mm per two weeks from the position they are in currently to where you want them to be.

The aligners are custom-designed and sent out every two weeks, based on the specifications sent to the laboratory by your Invisalign® dentist in Fort Worth. The aligners, being clear and virtually invisible, can be worn all day without anyone knowing you have them at all, so it is not hard to keep the treatment in place the recommended 22 hours each day.

The fact that this is such a discrete treatment has drastically influenced the number of adults coming in to get their teeth straightened. Today, one in five orthodontics patients are adults looking for better-looking, straighter teeth.