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Gingivitis Can Convert into Advanced Periodontitis if the Condition is Ignored
July 24, 2018  |  blog

Gingivitis Can Convert into Advanced Periodontitis if the Condition is Ignored

The sight of bleeding gums should be a matter of concern because it is one of the indications of gingivitis (initial stage of gum disease). It is important for every person to see the dentist at least twice in a year to get their mouth checked thoroughly. Following this can help the dentists detect early signs of oral diseases. Proper precautions and a good dental routine can keep dental problems at bay.

You might be able to combat gum disease right from its first stage if you have an idea about its symptoms.


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These are some of the signs of the dental disease.

  • Inflammation: The bacteria living in your mouth will certainly multiply if you fail to follow a proper oral hygiene which will result in inflamed gums. Inflammation of gums could be a definite sign of gum disease.


  • If Gums are Red:The plaque on your teeth can give rise to red gums which is again an indication of gum disease. This generally occurs during the initial stage of the dental disease where gums can even bleed when you floss or brush.


  • If Gums Recede: Receding gums is also termed as gingival recession. When this condition arises, the roots of the teeth start getting exposed. This could happen because of the loss of gum tissue, receding gums can make your teeth appear longer. The severity of gingival recession can certainly elevate if not treated at the right time.


  • Tooth Sensitivity: This is also termed as dentin hypersensitivity which happens to be another alarming sign of gum disease. Teeth can become sensitive when the dentin is exposed, it can also make your teeth discolored.


  • If Your Teeth Become Loose: Teeth can become loose if you are on the verge of experiencing advanced periodontitis. At this stage, the bone which gives support to the teeth can weaken and this can also lead to tooth loss.

Coping up with gum disease or preventing it could be easy if you take proper care of your mouth. Always remember that flossing and brushing are not the only ways to keep bacteria away because a clean tongue also enhances your dental health. Giving up on habits such as drinking and smoking can also help restrict the emergence of gum disease.

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