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How To Sleep If You Are Having Wisdom Teeth Extraction?
July 08, 2022  |  blog

How To Sleep If You Are Having Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

Are you concerned about how the extraction of your wisdom teeth may impact the quality of your sleep? You are not the only patient with this issue; many others have it. The pain felt after surgery might make it more difficult to obtain sufficient sleep. You can visit My Affordable Dentist Near Me at Grand Prairie, TX for the best impacted wisdom teeth extraction services nearby.

You can get some rest after having your wisdom teeth extracted if you take the appropriate precautions. This section will discuss the best ways to relax after having teeth extracted so that you may make a speedy recovery.

Take the Medication for Your Pain

When the effects of the anesthetic wear off, you may experience some discomfort, and any pain might make it more difficult for you to fall asleep. It would help if you didn't try to tough it out. Instead, put yourself in the best position to have a restful night's sleep by following the dosing instructions for your pain medication provided by your oral surgeon.

Find the Position That Suits You Best

The place where the tooth was extracted can leak in the early stages of the healing process. As a result, it is recommended that you sleep on your side, at least for the first night. In addition, there is a possibility that the swelling may be worse if you lay down on your back. That may make your discomfort worse, making getting rest an even more difficult task.

Raise Your Head Higher

Following removing your wisdom teeth, you will need to spend the first few nights sleeping with your head raised over your heart. When you sleep on your side, you shouldn't need more than one pillow at a time. If you are having problems falling asleep in that posture, you may support yourself by leaning back and piling a few pillows behind you.

Be Sure to Pay Attention to your Aftercare Instructions

You need to pay attention to the aftercare recommendations that your oral surgeon gives you to have the greatest chance of sleeping through the night without discomfort. If you take care of yourself while healing from having your wisdom teeth out, you'll have a quicker and less difficult time getting back to normal.

If you want to have a night in which you sleep well, you should follow these guidelines:

  • Ice and heat should be used as prescribed up to the time that you retire to bed.

  • Reduce the amount of physical activity you engage in as much as possible.

  • Maintain your water intake, but steer clear of drinking with a straw.

  • Never engage in the use of tobacco in any manner, including smoking.

  • Before going to bed, you should consume something to satisfy your hunger. Some good options include milk, fruit smoothies, low-sodium soup, or nutritional supplement beverages.

Your oral surgeon may have some more suggestions for you. If you take their recommendations to heart, you shouldn't have too much trouble sleeping after having your wisdom teeth out.

You can visit us at My Affordable Dentist Near Me in Grand Prairie, TX for more information on wisdom teeth extraction in a nearby location.