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How to Use Dental Wax for Braces
January 19, 2023  |  blog

How to Use Dental Wax for Braces

Are you an adult or a teen who has just recently gotten dental braces? If so, dental wax is essential for caring for your braces and ensuring that they fit snugly against your teeth. In this article, we'll explain the basics of dental wax including when to use it, how to apply it, and what types of dental wax are available. We'll also answer some frequently asked questions about dental wax and dental braces.

What is Dental Wax?

Dental wax is composed of several compounds such as beeswax, paraffin, vegetable oil, and other materials like silicone. It's most commonly used as a dental appliance to protect the wearer from any discomfort caused by sharp edges on dental appliances (such as dental braces) that press against the gums or cheeks. It's a malleable substance and can be shaped to cover any sharp edges of dental appliances.

When Should You Use Dental Wax?

Most orthodontists will recommend using dental wax when dental braces are first placed on your teeth. This is because dental wax helps to reduce the level of discomfort caused by newly-fitted dental braces and ensures that they fit snugly against your teeth without causing any irritation or pain. Additionally, you may find yourself needing more dental wax if some of the brackets become loose due to food particles getting stuck in them or if you accidentally bite down too hard on something such as hard candy.

How to Apply Dental Wax

Applying dental wax is simple and straightforward. First, take a small piece of dental wax and roll it between your fingers to make it malleable. Then, gently press the dental wax onto the sharp edges of your dental braces or appliance where they may have been causing discomfort. Make sure that the dental wax covers all sharp edges and wipe away any excess with a damp cloth so that it doesn’t interfere with your mouth’s natural movement.

Types of Dental Wax Available

There are several different types of dental wax available in drugstores, grocery stores, and online. The most common type is beeswax-based dental wax which is soft and malleable while still being strong enough to protect your gums and cheeks from dental braces. You can also find dental wax made from paraffin or vegetable oil which has a slightly softer texture than beeswax dental wax but is still effective in protecting your gums and cheeks.


Dental wax is an important part of dental appliance care, especially for those who are wearing dental braces. It helps to protect the wearer’s gums and cheeks from any discomfort caused by sharp edges on their dental appliances and also ensures that they fit snugly against the teeth. There are several different types of dental wax available so make sure you choose one that suits your needs best!


Q1: How often should I use dental wax?

A1: You should use dental wax as soon as dental braces are fitted and whenever you experience any discomfort caused by sharp edges.

Q2: Is dental wax safe to swallow?

A2: Yes, dental wax is generally considered safe to swallow though it's best to avoid doing so if possible.

Q3: Are there any special instructions for applying dental wax?

A3: It’s important not to press the dental wax too hard against your gums or cheeks when applying it. Additionally, make sure to wipe away any excess dental wax with a damp cloth after application.