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When Invisalign is the Right Treatment for Crooked Teeth
October 27, 2016  |  Uncategorized

When Invisalign is the Right Treatment for Crooked Teeth

Orthodontic treatments primarily deal with the alignment of your teeth in each teeth arch. Dentistry has made use of several treatments including braces to fix this condition. While they all work, it is a chore to make it look aesthetic as well as function optimally. Invisalign has bridged the gap and helped patients have that beautiful smile while still under treatment. Let us explore how Invisalign can help you fix your misaligned teeth.

Conditions treated by Invisalign

The most commonly occurring dental problem that is treated effectively by Invisalign is crooked teeth. There are several types of misalignment that makes your teeth crooked. Let us explore it in greater detail:

  • Overbite is a condition where the upper teeth bite over the lower arch. This causes a misalignment in how the jaw is opened and closed. This usually leads to grinding, cavities, and TMJ disorders.

  • Under bite is opposite to the above condition – the lower teeth bite over the upper teeth and the jaw appears protruded. This can lead to cavities, tooth decay and TMJ disorders.

  • Gapped teeth happen when the jaw bone is too large and the teeth have become spaced out. Food can get stuck between teeth and also become harder to clean out with conventional methods. Gum diseases are a probability in this case.

  • Crowded teeth are when the teeth are bunched together. This can also cause cross-bite as not all the teeth bite the same way. This condition can cause mouth sores, cavities, tooth decay, gum diseases, and TMJ disorders.

These are the most typical conditions that can be treated with Invisalign.

How does the Invisalign Treatment work?

Your dental care professional will first clean your teeth and perform basic treatments to ensure that there are no other conditions like gum disease and tooth decay. If present, they will be treated first because they can interfere with Invisalign treatment. Although there are other traditional methods that can be used to treat your misaligned teeth, Invisalign holds a considerable advantage over the rest.

  • Hygiene is easier as Invisalign is removable. This allows you to focus on keeping your teeth clean without having to rely on specialized tools.

  • Invisalign is gentler than the crude force used in braces to shift your teeth. This can keep your gums healthy and not have it affected by the shifting teeth.

  • There are next to zero limitations on eating with Invisalign. The removable feature makes this possible and your dental care professional can advise you on the right way to use Invisalign.

Invisalign aligners have been one of the most successful treatment options where crooked and misaligned teeth are concerned. Over 300,000 cases have been successfully treated using Invisalign and the list keeps growing. If you have a crooked teeth problem, consult with your dental care professional to find out if Invisalign treatment will work for you.

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