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Knocked-Out Tooth? Here’s What To Do Next For The Best Chance Of Saving It

Knocked-Out Tooth? Here’s What To Do Next For The Best Chance Of Saving It

Accidents happen, and a knocked-out tooth can be a distressing experience. Whether it's a result of a sports injury, a fall, or any other mishap, knowing what to do next can make all the difference in saving your tooth. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to follow in case of a knocked-out tooth and why it's essential to seek immediate help from an emergency dentist in Waco.

What are the Steps to Save a Knocked-Out Tooth?

Here are a few things you can try to save your tooth. 

1. Act Quickly

When a tooth is knocked out, immediate action is vital. Time is critical, as the sooner you seek help, the greater the chance of saving the tooth. If feasible, aim to contact an emergency dentist within 30 minutes. This prompt response significantly improves the odds of successful tooth reattachment and preservation.

2. Handle the Tooth Carefully

Remember to handle the knocked-out tooth with extreme care when you pick up the knocked-out tooth. Hold it by the crown, the top part of the tooth normally visible in your mouth. Avoid contact with the root, as it houses delicate cells crucial for a successful reattachment. Your gentle touch at this stage can significantly impact the tooth's chances of survival.

3. Rinse, Don't Scrub

If the tooth is dirty, gently rinse it with milk or saline solution. Avoid scrubbing the tooth, using soap, or any chemicals. While cleanliness is crucial, excessive handling can damage it.

4. Reinsert the Tooth If Possible

If you can, place the tooth back into its socket. Hold it gently in place with clean gauze or a clean finger. This immediate action can significantly enhance the chances of successful reattachment.

5. Keep the Tooth Moist

If reinsertion isn't possible, maintaining moisture is essential. Store the tooth in a container with milk or saline solution. Please refrain from using water, which can harm the tooth's cells. Keeping it moist is pivotal for preserving the tooth's viability.

6. Seek Immediate Dental Care

Contact an emergency dentist in Waco as swiftly as you can. Explain the situation, specifying that you have a knocked-out tooth. They will provide you with guidance and prioritize your case.

Why Immediate Dental Care Matters?

Prompt dental care is vital for the following reasons when it comes to handling knocked-out teeth:

Reattachment Possibility: The probability of successfully reattaching a knocked-out tooth diminishes over time. Dental professionals possess the expertise and tools required to reposition the tooth properly.

Prevent Infection: An exposed tooth root is susceptible to infection. Immediate treatment can mitigate this risk and ensure the tooth remains viable.

Assessment of Damage: An emergency dentist in Waco can assess the damage's extent and ascertain whether additional treatments, such as splinting or a root canal, are necessary.

Pain Management: Dental injuries can be excruciating. An emergency dentist can offer pain relief and address any discomfort you may be experiencing.

Don't Forget the Mouthguard

Prevention is key! Consider obtaining a custom-made mouthguard if you or your child engages in sports or activities that risk dental injuries. A well-fitted mouthguard can safeguard your teeth from trauma, reducing the likelihood of a knocked-out tooth.


Experiencing a knocked-out tooth can be traumatic, but swift action can significantly enhance the chances of saving it. Remember to act rapidly, handle the tooth carefully, keep it moist, and seek immediate help from an emergency dentist in Waco. By following these steps and seeking professional guidance, you can increase the likelihood of preserving your smile for years to come. For the best results, always have the contact information of an emergency dentist readily available. Accidents can happen unexpectedly, and preparedness can make all the difference.