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Your Little One’s Oral Health Can Deteriorate Due to a Poor Diet
July 03, 2018  |  Oral Health

Your Little One’s Oral Health Can Deteriorate Due to a Poor Diet

Most children love to gorge on delectable sugary foods, but, did you know feeding your kids a lot of sugar can be extremely harmful to their teeth? It is certain that a child must maintain a proper oral hygiene right from the very beginning to hinder the emergence of dental diseases. But, along with following great dental habits, it is also important to eat healthy.

Children’s laughter can make an environment jovial but, a dental discomfort could make them go through a lot of pain. Therefore, keep a tab on the amount of sugar your little one is consuming. Consumption of an excessive amount of acidic foods can also cause damage to their teeth.

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A Healthy and a Balanced Diet Can Do Wonders to Your Child’s Teeth

A good amount of nutrients can certainly give your little one’s oral health a boost. A proper diet includes eggs, fish, skinless meats, lentils, peas, green vegetables such as spinach broccoli and so on. Whole wheat bread, oatmeal and brown rice could also enhance your child’s dental health. And when it comes to dairy products, don’t forget to choose fat-free milk and yogurt.

Make Fun Meals for Your Child

Anything that tastes bland might not interest your little one. Thus, try to make some fun meals for them. They might like having some crunchy vegetables with cheese dip or pita bread with hummus. A colorful fruit salad would also draw their attention and your little one may not say a no to it.

Don’t Feed Them Sticky Sweets Much

Gummy bears or cotton candy is loved by almost every kid but, those can be worse than normal candies or milk chocolates as they stick to the teeth. Therefore, be very careful while feeding anything sweet to children.

Sugar Can Be Replaced By its Substitute

Xylitol could be a great option if your little one has a sweet tooth. It looks and tastes just like sugar and won’t do any harm to your child’s teeth. You can add xylitol to a glass of milkshake or while baking a cake for your little one. Maple syrup also doesn’t cause any damage to the teeth as it is not made out of any chemical substances and contains polyphenol.

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