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Proper Oral Hygiene to Take Care of Artificial Crowns
August 31, 2016  |  Dental Crown

Proper Oral Hygiene to Take Care of Artificial Crowns

Artificial crowns are the best way to replace missing teeth. They are not directly placed in the gap, but affixed to implants or part of a dental bridge. They can be made from a variety of materials and your choice will depend on your need for aesthetics against teeth functions. Taking care of your dental crowns needs you to pay attention to your oral hygiene routines.

Purpose of artificial crowns

Artificial Dental CrownDental crowns are replacements for the visible part of the tooth. It doesn’t include roots that will stick the contraption to the gums and bones. In implants, you have a metal post that functions as the root and is embedded in the gums and bone. It is capped by an abutment which forms the base for the crown and keeps it in place.

In dental bridges, the scenario is very different. They do not involve any implants and thus the missing roots are not replaced. The dental crown is placed using the surrounding teeth as supports. A crown is an external appliance and therefore needs proper maintenance to keep your oral health in proper condition.

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Dental Hygiene with implants and bridges

It is important to maintain dental hygiene if you are sporting artificial crowns. With implants it is a little easier as the crown is fixed in place. Dentures can dislocate easily if it is set up with wings to be attached to the adjacent teeth. While regular Dental Crowns & Implantcleaning treatments at the dentist can help deal with the problem effectively, good oral hygiene at home is also important to avoid further problems.

Porcelain crowns are more aesthetic and require a delicate touch to keep it shipshape. Brushing with soft bristles and avoiding colored foods that stain your teeth is a good way to keep the porcelain color and not have it worn away. Metal crowns are easier to maintain and in either case, flossing is necessary to keep your dental condition in check.

With dental bridges, it can get a little tricky. There can be plaque deposits in the gum pockets that are very difficult to clean out at home. If done improperly, the pocket can get infected and you run the risk of developing severe gum disease.

Professional treatment

The best way to ensure your dental crowns stay in shape is to opt for professional treatment. Your dental hygienist will use special tools to properly clean your mouth which are specially designed to clean around your artificial crowns – be it in implants or bridges.

These tools can’t be used at home, not that you need to, either. Make sure you brush and floss carefully, especially those hard to reach places. Rinsing with warm saline water is also effective in clearing out plaque deposits. The idea is to not get the more sensitive parts of your mouth infected and the best way to ensure it is to conduct regular cleaning sessions at your dentist who will also monitor your oral health.

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