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Secret of Celebrity Teeth Whitening: Dentists’ has become the sweet secret sharer
November 16, 2017  |  Teeth Whitening

Secret of Celebrity Teeth Whitening: Dentists’ has become the sweet secret sharer

Tips for Celebrity Healthy Teeth

We welcome every morning with the best pair of smile by looking ourselves into the mirror. There are certain tips that will enrich you to treat your teeth and dazzle your day.

Don’t go with the flow, stop and stare your teeth

We all go to dentist once in a while to clean our teeth, besides brushing and flossing our teeth twice a day. We keep our finger crossed to achieve absolutely white teeth like pearls. But at the same time toothpaste does not contain enough peroxide, to make your teeth clean. But when you are applying these you can scare off “plague” and “tartar”.

Blake Lively has fondled your heart with best pair of smile, mesmerized us with her astounding appearance and won the Cannes 2014 Red Carpet Smile. Look how she dazzles “Guys, we can smile just like Blake!” so if have still not checked out the latest post of her then you have surely missed out her dazzling smile in her prettiest dress.

Dr.Philip Haddad who has specialized in dental prosthesis has talked about formation of plague, which can crop up in any point of time. He says that if any area of your body is infected and filled with pus and heat, your body is trying to destroy bacteria. The same thing occurs in the gum and gradually destroys the teeth. If this is left untreated then it will lead to gingivitis which steps forward “to a more severe affliction called periodontitis” resulting in complete breaking of teeth.

Mouth rinse as a weapon against gum diseases”, Dr.Haddad has prescribed to use Listerine Total Care and Reach Total Care plus Whitening Floss to get rid of bacteria and plague.


Rachel Mc Adams has shifted from blond to brunette, but her smile dazzles in her perfect radiant dress, take care of your teeth to get the best smile like her.


At-Home teeth whitener

When you try for at home teeth whitening remedies you must have tried baking soda mixed with lime juice, or must have taken in strawberry pulps as their seeds acts as natural- exfoliate, and helps to remove bacteria from the mouth.

When you find stains in your teeth then remember that your teeth have pores in them which trap the food color and erode away the natural color of enamel. Try to use fluoride contain toothpaste and mouthwash. Similarly using hydrogen peroxide in your teeth keeps you in safer side because once it comes in contact with your teeth it breaks into oxygen molecules and water, which help the pores to open up, and extract stains from it.

Dazzle like star does

Now this can happen if you’re teeth are not responding to any material that you are following, then devote your time in pro-whitening treatment.

Do know how in-office treatment is processed? The concentration of peroxide is between 25 to 35%, and later on dentist applies UV light to accelerate the component in the whitening solution. In this case the patient may lose sensitivity, so Sensodyne toothpaste is used to brush the teeth before the procedure is done; this has potassium nitrate which helps to desensitize by releasing small amount of potassium ions which modify the nerves in there. If you brush at least twice a day then you’re teeth can gain back potassium.

Toothpaste containing small amount of fluoride in them helps to tranquilize the nerve area and keep the place calm.

 Maintain proper diet

“Good food choice are good investment” which can maintain your teeth and also your health all at the same time. Chewing sugar free gum can reduce plague.

Blake Lively eats almost everything, likely you don’t need to skip meal, because proper food fuels your body.

Go for cheese if it suits you. It raises Ph inside mouth and lowers the risk of tooth decay. It can enrich your enamel with high amount of protein, calcium, and other nutrients.Or glue yourself to leafy green diets, which contain folic acid, a type of vitamin B, which has scores of remuneration in it. Gum diseases are best treated with the help of it. Similarly carrots, apples, almonds are beneficial for your health too. But be careful that the fruit particle does not remain in your tooth because they can erode teeth, as it contains citric acid in them.

Drink lots of water and eat healthy food to keep your body and teeth fit and fine.

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