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Smoking Tobacco Can Increase the Healing Period After a Dental Surgery
June 11, 2018  |  Dental Health

Smoking Tobacco Can Increase the Healing Period After a Dental Surgery

Smoking cigarettes can not only have a huge impact on your dental health, but it can also damage your general health. It hampers your immune system and makes it difficult for your body to cope with diseases. Right from affecting your sense of taste to giving rise to bad breath, smoking can lead to several unwanted health problems.

Every day almost 4000 teens in the United States start smoking. A cigarette consists of 4,800 chemicals which can be extremely hazardous to your health.

Let’s learn how smoking has a link to our dental health and why you must give up on the habit right away.

  • This is Why You Must Not Smoke After a Dental Surgery

Your surgical site will take a certain amount of time to heal after dental surgery and it is suggested not to smoke during that period. For example, when your wisdom tooth is extracted, the socket will remain empty and you need to take proper care of your mouth for the socket to heal. But, the healing period can extend if you start smoking right after your surgery. Heavy smokers experience a lot of pain in the empty socket after tooth extraction. Therefore, giving up on smoking would be a wise decision.

  • Smoking Can Be the Primary Cause of Oral Cancer

The chemicals in tobacco play a huge role in initiating oral cancer. The tar contains poisonous gases such as nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide and the tobacco leaves which consist of radioactive materials settle in the lungs and with time it can trigger oral cancer. It becomes difficult to kill the cancer cells once the body’s immune system gets weak.

  • Tobacco Can Make Your Teeth Look Discolored

Nicotine and tar in tobacco can certainly stain your teeth. The former becomes yellow in color when it gets combined with oxygen molecules. Your tooth enamel has pores in them and the tar, as well as the nicotine, gets absorbed into those pores and gives rise to discolored teeth. A teeth whitening treatment can help you get rid of stains caused by smoking.

  • Smoking Can Be a Major Cause of Gum Disease

Smoking tobacco can be a primary reason for plaque formation near your gum area. Thus, brushing and flossing twice every day should be mandatory. Dental plaque can lead to gum disease if not removed on time which can damage the bone that holds your tooth. And you might end up losing your teeth if the severity escalates.

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