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blog   •   October 23, 2018

Why Is Dental Bridges And Crowns Necessary To Bring Back The Lost Smile?

Bridges and crowns are prosthetic devices that are usually fixed on the surface of the teeth or implants by means of cementing. According to the dentists, the dental crowns help cover the damaged tooth or implant, while the bridges close the gap left between the missing teeth. The best part about using dental bridges is […]

Dental Crown   •   May 15, 2018

An Insight Into One-Visit CEREC Crown and Why It is Beneficial

CEREC or chairside economical restoration of esthetic crowns are constructed using CAD or CAM technologies to match the impression of your tooth. And the procedure is completed within a few hours. The crown is made in the dental office itself and it just takes a single visit for the restoration. Dentists use hi-tech systems to […]

Dental Crown   •   April 11, 2018

Do You Want Your Dental Crown to Last Longer? Follow These Tips

A dental crown plays a huge role in restoring a chipped, broken or a damaged tooth and lets you sport your beautiful smile. When that happens, it gives people immense joy to get their mouth reinstated to its original form. But did you know that not taking a good care of it can affect its […]

Dental Crown   •   November 4, 2015

How Dental Crown Can Extend The Life Of A Tooth?

When you make a purchase these days, depending on the item’s value you’ll often be asked, “Would you be interested in purchasing an extended warranty..?” When the situation involves your teeth, we do have an answer. Here’s how: Your natural permanent teeth do have a “warranty” of sorts and are meant to last for a […]