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The Reason Why We Need Dental Bridges
July 11, 2022  |  blog

The Reason Why We Need Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are a common recommendation from a dentist in Dallas, TX. Would a dental bridge help you? Here are several bridge uses. Many dental treatments have dual-purpose. The key is to fix dental issues. The second component is improving or maintaining tooth aesthetics. Visit My Affordable Dentist Near Me in Dallas, TX, for more information on dental bridges.

Dental Bridges helps to:

Remove Decay

It would be best if you had extractions. Fillings, crowns, and veneers can't save them. Removing decayed teeth can safeguard dental health. A dental bridge may replace one to three adjacent teeth. Dental Bridges are durable and won't deteriorate. They're a terrific substitute that eliminates a health concern.

Replace Your Teeth

What do you think of your healthy teeth now? Do you want the gap to remain or fill it? Dental bridges may repair gaps. This approach is easy to manage and practical. Bridge questions? Is a bridge removable? Bridge designs vary. Some are permanent, while others are removable. Your dentist can explain each option's merits and downsides.

Bring Smile Confidence

The gap made you self-conscious about your grin. Do you want to go through life hesitant to smile? Why do dental bridges restore your smile after decayed teeth are removed? Indeed! The bridge may improve your smile. Instead of discolored or oddly shaped decayed teeth, you have healthy-looking ones. Your bridge's material is colored to match the surrounding teeth. Natural?

Better Chewing Ability

Missing teeth make it tough to eat. You could chew on the other side forever, but who wants to? A bridge is a superior option. Dental bridges make eating easier. Remember to chew dental bridges like you would actual teeth. That means no chewing ice, hard candies, or anything else harmful. Chipped teeth might potentially damage the bridge.

Protect surrounding teeth

When decaying teeth are pulled, you may assume the danger to the surrounding teeth is over. Food collects easily in gaps. More germs may gather around the edges and tops of the teeth on either side of the gap. Getting a dental bridge may help avoid this from occurring.

Bonding may be performed to attach it to the anchor teeth depending on the bridge type. Plaque and tartar can't accumulate between the bridge and the teeth. Even with a loop-attached detachable bridge, the gaps aren't broader than natural teeth. You can maintain them clean and prevent gaps' hazards.


Most people don't understand how much losing two or three teeth affects speech clarity. Not everyone knows how teeth affect art. When pronouncing words, the tongue rubs against teeth. Without teeth, pronouncing words is harder.

As the gap heals, you'll notice a change. Compare how hard it was to talk before to how easy it is now. Speech difficulties aren't among the most common dental bridge issues.

Faster Than Implants

When replacing teeth, there are various possibilities. Your dentist may also discuss specific implants. Although both are solid options, a bridge may be best for you.

Individual implants are time-consuming. Each implant needs a temporary cap. You may get acclimated to the implants while the bespoke caps are made. You'll apply permanent caps once they're ready. Depending on how long the tissue surrounding the implants heals, the procedure might take weeks.

Dental bridges may be pre-fabricated and installed fast. After an extraction, the gum may take a few days to mend, not weeks. It won't take long to slide the unique bridge into place, secure it, and go on with your day. Bridge or implant? Both perform well. Our dentist in Crowley can explain the pros and cons of each method and help you choose.

Less expensive

Do you need a dental bridge? How does it compare to other estimates? Living with the gap is the only option with a lesser upfront expense.

Why matters? People with dental coverage may be less affected. Dental insurance may cover most of a dental bridge's cost. Implants may be different. Implants may need additional out-of-pocket money. Bridges are an economical option for persons without dental insurance. Discount dental plans assist reduce costs. The rest may be paid using a dental loan or credit line. Bridges allow you to reduce debt faster.

Bridges reduce tooth shifting

What happens when gaps are left? Teeth gradually shift. If you have overcrowded molars and had one removed, you want this. When two or three teeth are shifted, the gap becomes bigger. Shifting teeth frequently become crooked. Instead of a gap, you may have crooked teeth. Consider how that affects your smile. Crooked teeth make it tougher to chew.

Visit My Affordable Dentist Near Me in Dallas, TX, for more specific information regarding dental bridges and their procedures.