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Having Tooth Pain, No Cavity or Infection? 7 Probable Causes
December 27, 2017  |  Dental Health

Having Tooth Pain, No Cavity or Infection? 7 Probable Causes

You don’t have a cavity but still you undergo discomfort in your tooth, it is not all the time cavity that causes pain but discomfort can be due to several reasons. A toothache can be the result of a heap of causes, not just cavity and infection.

To help you pin down the issues and steer clear of superfluous angst, we got the other grounds you might understand for your dental discomfort.

  • Brushing too hard can cause thinning your enamel

Too much of hard brushing can make your enamel thin. You might have experienced increased sensitivity to eating and drinking. Like you know that tooth enamel can wear down due to excessive brushing, it actually exposes the soft layer of pulp tissues and makes you feel uncomfortable with the pain.

  • Periodontal diseases affect the entire mouth

Gingivitis is one of the common causes of your toothache; if you leave it untreated then the gingivitis will spread into the gum and will damage the bone structure in the base of the teeth. If gingivitis is not treated properly then it can cause more serious disorders like cancer, diabetes, vitamin deficiency.

  • Sinus not only gives you a headache

This can be one of the reasons for a severe toothache if only upper teeth ort both sides of the face are in pain, sinusitis can be one of the manifold reason. It accompanies nasal congestion and tenderness around the sinuses.

If the pain reaches to your jaw, then it may be caused by disorders. This is due to injury or trauma or if the person is affected by arthritis or cancer affecting the jaw.

  • Impacted wisdom teeth(third molars) can be hurting

An impacted tooth is a tooth that gets blocked as it is pushing through the gum into your mouth. However, when an impacted wisdom tooth endeavors to come, the flap of gum on top of it can turn out to be tainted and engorged. This can hurt you.

  • Tooth trauma can leave you in pain

Any incident that might have been occurred to you several years ago can be due to falling and hitting the teeth in a car accident. Tooth trauma or tooth fracture can increase the sensitivity when you chew. This generally makes the nerve ending within the tooth tender hence impinge damage, soreness. For this kind of problem, you can undertake a root canal and a crown, or implant a bridge or go for a partial denture.

  • Chronic teeth grinding

Chronic teeth grinding can cause fractured tooth. The moment when you clench your teeth knowingly or unknowingly the muscles in the tooth end starts to pain. This can leave the pain of long causing fracture or loose tooth. So it is important that you take up this problem to your dentist as fast as you can.

  • Recently had tooth-filling or drillings

In case of a cracked tooth, or sensitivity, you might have visited a dentist. While he makes a small adjustment in your teeth can result in tooth pain. When your teeth’s are drilled you might have experienced sensitivity to cold for a couple of weeks which is quite normal, but if you feel sensitivity while biting on the hard body then a diminutive alteration may be needed so that you can chew more evenly.
Pain can be caused due to any reasons but if you leave it untreated then the mess can be more hurting in not more but in due course of time. Affordable Dentist Near Me will take the liability to make you free from all kind of dental damages. Call now @(817)984-5419