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What Is Dental Emergency And Why Should You Visit An Emergency Dentist?
October 08, 2018  |  blog

What Is Dental Emergency And Why Should You Visit An Emergency Dentist?

A situation that compels you to visit a dentist on an urgent basis is known as a dental emergency. It is painful and results in immense discomfort. Unbearable toothaches and discomforting pressure on the jawbones will definitely make you wonder "where can I find the best emergency dentist near me”.

As per a report published by the American Dental Association, there are many situations that gradually lead to a dental emergency.

Listed below are some of the common situations when you contacting an emergency dental care provider become necessary–

  • Broken Or Cracked Tooth – If your tooth breaks or cracks, then there are high chances for the nerve of your tooth to get exposed. An exposed nerve, on the other hand, is highly susceptible to temperature, especially to cold. Cold beverages and drinks are particularly known to cause immense pain and worry to the temperature sensitive nerve.

  • A Sudden Toothache – The inflammation of the central portion of the teeth can result in immense pain. The swelling of the pulp present inside the center of the teeth is the primary reason behind a sudden toothache. In case of swelling of the pulp, you will have trouble in performing even the daily activities of life.

  • Sudden Loss Of Dental Filling – Dental fillings are used to cover the cavities of the teeth. There are high chances for these fillings to come out if you suffer from recurrent decay, fracture, or micro-leakage. You will start suffering from excruciating pain and swelling the moment these dental fillings come off.

  • Knocked Out Tooth – If you suffer from an accident or any other kind of mechanical injury, and if your tooth gets knocked out as a result of this severe impact, then there high chances for you to suffer from a dental emergency. A severe impact on your teeth can leave the temperature sensitive nerve exposed and can leave you in intense pain and suffering.

  • Profuse Bleeding – Periodontitis and low platelet count are the two main reasons that lead to continuous bleeding of the gums. If you notice that you are suffering from continuous and profuse gum bleeding, then you should waste no time in contacting an emergency dentist.

  • Intense Gum Infection – Gum infection, like an abscess, affects your oral health to a massive extent. As per the dentists, an abscess is a serious dental disorder and is one of the primary causes of a dental emergency. It must be dealt with by dentists having immense expertise in handling dental emergencies.

Before you visit an emergency dentist, you must check the experience level. Since it is important to deal with dental emergencies urgently, it is always advisable to visit only the experienced ones. They will help you overcome dental emergencies without any difficulty.

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