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When Should You Visit A (Root Canal) Endodontic Specialist?
October 07, 2022  |  blog

When Should You Visit A (Root Canal) Endodontic Specialist?

If you have a tooth that is damaged or diseased, your dentist may refer you to an endodontic specialist. Endodontic specialists are dental professionals who have undergone additional training to care for the pulp inside your tooth. The pulp is the living tissue that contains blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue. It helps to form the tooth and keep it healthy. Here is a list of things to consider before scheduling an appointment with an endodontist.

Do You Need To Visit An Endodontist For A Root Canal?

A badly infected tooth is often eligible for root canal treatment. This dental procedure is carried out by a root canal specialist. With a proper specialist, you will understand whether you need to have a root canal done. On the other hand, if your teeth underwent a previous injury, it's high time you contact the endodontist near you to perform the procedure. 

When Should I Visit An Endodontist? 

Bacterial Infection 

Plaque accumulation and cavities are harmful to your oral health, for it damages your gums. Bacteria can get into your tooth pulp through a small opening, which leads to cavities. To avoid any dental emergency, you should visit an endodontist. 

Tooth Injury 

One can face tooth injury through an accident or any physical one. Sometimes, if your tooth gets dislodged from its socket, it requires urgent dental attention. Thus, scheduling an appointment with an endodontist becomes imperative. Sometimes, these situations require you to get a root canal treatment done. 

Gum Swelling

A dental patient may experience gum swelling or tenderness, which might lead to an infection. It generally occurs around the tooth, which makes you experience constant pain. If you observe that your tooth might have gotten infected, you need to visit an endodontist. In such cases, endodontists typically suggest getting a root canal treatment done. 

Root Canal Post-Treatment Care 

After the root canal treatment, you need to follow some ground rules for a speedy recovery. They are as follows: 

  • Post-treatment, you need to keep the area clean and not eat immediately. Wait for some hours, or else your chewing might induce bleeding. 

  • Gargle with lukewarm salted water that will keep the mouth clean, and you won't catch any germs. 

  • After a dental procedure, nothing works better than ice cream and compresses. It helps to reduce the swelling, although you might feel tooth sensitivity in your affected tooth. 

Above all, don't hesitate to treat yourself if you think your oral health worsens with each passing day. You can always consult your dentist and an endodontist to evaluate your oral health concerns. Post-root canal treatment aftercare can only be successful if you maintain them daily. If left untreated, you might again need to do a root canal, which you don't want. 

The Bottom Line 

Root canal treatment should be the last resort for people who have constantly deteriorating oral health. Don't let that happen; consult with an endodontist now and get to know if you are a candidate for a root canal. They will assess your tooth and decide whether a root canal is the best treatment option. If you have a tooth causing you pain, it is crucial to see a dentist as soon as possible. They will be able to identify the source of the pain and recommend the best course of treatment.