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Why It Is Important To Praise Your Child For Brushing?
July 11, 2022  |  blog

Why It Is Important To Praise Your Child For Brushing?

Your children must learn a great deal through positive reinforcement and encouragement. It has the potential to assist children in growing self-confidence and developing positive habits and attributes when it is administered appropriately. The positive influence of praise may even have a positive effect on the oral health of youngsters. Let's discuss why you should praise your kid for cleaning their teeth and the appropriate way. Please make an appointment with My Affordable Dentist Near Me in Houston, TX, for a consultation with our pediatric dentist.

Why is it so important to provide praise for your kids for brushing?

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania studied the impact of positive parental reinforcement on the frequency with which youngsters wash their teeth. The participants in the research came from a diverse spectrum of racial and socioeconomic backgrounds.

The findings of some researchers are rather intriguing since they reveal that youngsters are more likely to continue brushing their teeth if praised for their achievements and given fewer instructions on how to clean their teeth. Most of the praise came from the children's parents, who said things like "great work" and "really excellent," among other expressions.

How to Congratulate Your Youngster on Brushing Their Teeth

The following are some pointers that may assist you in effectively praising your kid:

Always speak the truth and be truthful

Even though there is probably a lot of room for improvement in how your kid brushes their teeth, you will likely be able to identify at least one part of their efforts that is commendable. The vast majority of children can detect fake or excessive praise. When they do, they often respond negatively to it.

Be consistent

Children flourish when praised, and it won't injure them in any way if you praise them many times for the same behavior. On the other hand, be wary about complimenting them excessively. When people get used to receiving praise from you, the impact of your words of encouragement may be diminished.

Make an effort not to compare

Suppose you compare your kid, whether favorably or unfavorably, to their siblings or other children their age. In that case, they may begin to judge their actions about those of others rather than their efforts.

Recognize and applaud both the effort and the procedure

You should still complement your kid for brushing their teeth, even if they are still too young to properly clean their teeth on their own because of their age.

Consult our pediatric dentist in Houston, TX

Because the dentist has a great deal of experience dealing with children, they may be aware of some powerful words or ways for establishing good habits in children.

Continue your efforts to instill positive patterns of behavior in your child. The majority of youngsters do not look forward to the activity of brushing their teeth. It might be something that, similar to physical activity or daily responsibilities, needs a significant amount of time for them to understand the importance. You can be certain, however, that if you regularly try to teach excellent dental habits to your young ones, they will remember your efforts and mature into an adult with a healthy and self-assured smile.

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