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Why You Should Visit an Invisalign® Dentist in Fort Worth
July 15, 2015  |  Uncategorized

Why You Should Visit an Invisalign® Dentist in Fort Worth

If you are considering straightening your teeth, you should visit our office to speak with an Invisalign dentist in Fort Worth. This is a convenient and discreet way to improve your appearance and there is no better time to get started.

As an Invisalign dentist in Fort Worth, we know that summer is one of the most transformative seasons as people take the change of seasons as an opportunity to enjoy the activities of summer. All across the country people are headed to the lake, beach, and to the pool. Families everywhere will also be making their annual vacation plans. Studies show that over 80% of families that take a vacation will pack their bags and head out for their holiday. Even people at home tend to be more social during the summer months, which makes it a perfect time to get started on an Invisalign® treatment to straighten your teeth. The more you socialize, the more important it is to have a great smile, and we all know that the summer is truly the time for socializing. From events like the annual office picnic to neighborhood barbecues and pool parties, you will be meeting people and spending time outdoors. All of this socializing means more picture are sure to be taken and shared all over social media. If you are uncomfortable with the appearance of your teeth, this can be an incredibly stressful. Starting on an Invisalign® treatment could be a great way to address your smile and bite issues.

When you visit us, as an Invisalign dentist in Fort Worth, you will have made two simple decisions. First, you will have decided that you do not want to have malocclusion, or crooked teeth, any more and are willing to take the steps to correct it. The second decision you will have to make is to use Invisalign® versus the more traditional approach of metal braces to correct the problem. From a convenience perspective, there is really no comparison between the two. A perfect way to demonstrate this is to talk about how you would eat, and treat food, with the two devices.

With metal braces, there is a laundry list of things you cannot eat. This is because you have to protect the metal braces from damage. When you eat certain foods, you run the risk of breaking the metal bars and dislodging the cement that is used to hold them in place. At the same time, you have to avoid things that are too sticky as they might get caught in the metal braces. This makes life extremely difficult for the duration of your treatment which can often last for a year or two.

On the other hand, if you select Invisalign®, you can treat food in a completely different way. The removable Invisalign® aligners can be removed when you eat food, and in fact we recommend that you remove them before eating. What this means is that there are virtually no foods that you have to avoid. You can simply remove your aligners, eat the food you desire, and replace them when done. The one recommendation we have is that you make sure to clean your teeth properly before placing the aligners back in your mouth since you do not want the food to decay and cause cavities under the aligners.  To learn more, call our office to schedule an appointment with an Invisalign® dentist in Fort Worth today. We are confident that you will enjoy wearing aligners and seeing the visible improvements to your smile.




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