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Crowded Teeth, A Distressing Issue: 10 Problems Related to It
February 09, 2018  |  blog

Crowded Teeth, A Distressing Issue: 10 Problems Related to It

Who does not dream of having well-aligned teeth? Some of them still have crooked or crowded teeth because they did not take proper care of it or didn’t wear braces during their childhood. You often accidentally bite your own tongue due to the protruding teeth and that gets irritating most of the times. Scaling can help in aligning your teeth to some extent but you may have to go through several sessions for a better result. However, there are innumerable problems related to crowded teeth which are provided right below.

Complications in Cleaning: 

They say that brushing your teeth thrice a day results in healthy gums. But what can you do if you are not being able to clean a certain area properly? People with crowded teeth face the maximum amount of problems as particles of food get easily stuck in between them. And taking those out becomes a difficult task because of which the area starts paining. A dentist might be the only savior to clear the area.

Unappealing Smile: 

This issue makes a lot of people conscious. Wonky or crooked teeth make smiles look ugly at times and this is why some people think twice before smiling their hearts out.

Proper Pronunciation of Terms: 

Most people think that our tongue helps us in pronouncing words clearly but you might be wrong because this is not the only reason. Crowded teeth also cause difficulties in pronouncing the correct words. Therefore, parents should pay special attention to their kid’s dental issues right from the beginning.

Problem in Chewing Food: 

Doctors always say that a person must properly chew his/her food before gulping it down. But crowded teeth may restrain you from doing so. It is not possible to chew your food properly if the alignment of your teeth is not right. Hence, it may cause indigestion.

Causes Mouth Injuries: 

Try to get your wonky teeth fixed as soon as possible if you are into any sort of sports activity. Especially, if you play football or basketball because a protruding tooth may clash with another if a ball hits your mouth and this can make one bleed.

It Leads to Depression: 

These days a lot of people are extremely concerned about their looks and crowded teeth for them is a very big deal. They constantly think of the others while smiling. Some of them even get tensed before going out on a date with a person for the first time. And few also are frightened of going on job interviews. Hence people should not treat this issue as petty.

Stinky Mouth: 

Oral bacteria are bound to occur if you have teeth that are not aligned properly and this would definitely cause bad breath. Nobody can stand a stinky mouth and this often restrains people from talking to a person who has a bad breath.


This might sound impossible but crooked teeth do cause headaches and pain in other body parts like facial muscles and neck. And the bacteria which build up make the situation really bad.

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