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24X7 Dentist: When To Seek His Assistance
June 16, 2015  |  Uncategorized

24X7 Dentist: When To Seek His Assistance

24X7 Dentist: When To Seek His Assistance

Around 99% patients that come to a dentist are regular patients who come for regular dental problems like toothache or cavities or for dental treatments like root canal, dental veneers, cosmetic dentistry or even teeth whitening. Who needs a 24X7 dentist? Is that what you think, then you should seriously know some of the medical emergencies that will make you run to a dentist without losing even a single minute. In fact, every year, around 70% of Americans face one or the other form of dental emergencies which can include any of the following situations:

1. Knocked out teeth: There may be several reasons behind a knocked out tooth and whatever might be the reason, it surely leaves you with a mouth full of blood. If this happens to you sometime, you should run to a 24X7 dentist as there are high chances that your tooth might be restored if the correct treatment is made accessible within one hour of the accident.

2. Broken/Chipped tooth: A broken tooth means just a part of the tooth has come out. While it may not pain much, but it makes the teeth sensitive to certain kinds of food. Apart from it, the broken edge of the tooth may be sharp enough to cause damage to your tongue. If this is the case, you must find yourself a dentist as soon as possible.

3. Impacted teeth: You might have met an accident that involves facial injury but there is no visible damage to your teeth. However, there are chances that your jawbone has been affected as an impact of the accident and thus needs thorough investigation. A dentist will look for all possible internal damages through x rays of your jawbone and the teeth.

4. Extruded tooth: Extruded tooth means a tooth that has been knocked off, but only partially and is still stuck in the gums. This can be very painful, especially for children. While you can try to fix this emergency yourself by pushing the gums down gently, you may have to find a 24X7 dentist, if the bleeding doesn’t stop or the teeth just refuses to come out.

5. Bleeding teeth: There might be a case when your teeth just bleed profusely after an injury. Under normal circumstances, the bleeding will stop if you sip some ice water. In case the bleeding doesn’t stop for more than a few minutes, rush to your dentist as there might be some internal injury to your teeth and gums.

Even though you need to get an appointment to visit a dentist, but these are some of the situations when you don’t need to take an appointment and meet the dentist directly. A timely action and a meeting with dentist can save your teeth. While you select your dentist, make sure he is a 24X7 dentist as you never know when a dental emergency can arrive.