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Blunders That Have Negative Impact on Oral Health
May 23, 2016  |  Oral Health

Blunders That Have Negative Impact on Oral Health

In the process of treating many wellness-minded patients over many years, we have noticed that there are some common mistakes people routinely make that ruin their teeth and smile. While we all want to live healthier, better lives, we also witness people getting sicker at an increasingly younger age. Prevention is better than cure and can promote optimal health; however, there are times our holistic approaches can bring good and hard as well.

Today, we have a look at the three common blunders that people make when it comes to mouth and as a result, have to deal with the harsh impact on their oral health.

Disregarding Dental X-rays

X-rays enables the dentist to see what their eyes are incapable to see - tooth decay, bone infections, cysts and cancer around the teeth are some of the conditions invisible to the naked eye. Disregarding or skipping X-rays takes away the chance of helping you effectively.  The infection or tumor, or a small cavity is missed and allowed to develop even for a year; you are bound to face dire consequences. If left untreated, your teeth and bone are ruined and can demand thousands of dollars in the long run. This also carries the risk of negatively impacting your overall health, which every one of us is interested in protecting.

Consuming Lemon Water or Vinegar

In order to alkalinize the body, people have started this popular trend of drinking lemon water or vinegar in recent years. This may be true to an extent but the effect of this process can bring devastating outcomes to your teeth. While lemon water and vinegar are acids and can have an alkaline effect on the body, consuming them leads to the dissolving process of your teeth in the mouth, while contributing to the growth of acid-loving and decay-causing bacteria. This destroys your teeth and the aftereffect can be rapid and costly. Our ancestors relied on a natural diet rich in fruits and vegetable for alkaline, therefore it's recommended that instead of opting for the gimmick, just eat naturally.

Depending On High Grain and Legume Diet

Bacteria in the mouth thrive on sugar. There's a rapid carbohydrate break down into sugar which attracts decay-causing bacteria. Since grains and legumes are rich in carbs, they had no presence in our ancestral diet. Carbs and sugar can make you feel hungry in few hours, which results in frequent meals or snacking. Of course the habit of eating frequently is encouraged by some health experts, but the fact is this is not natural for us and has the potential to ruin your teeth in the form of tooth decay. The moment you eat, your mouth becomes susceptible to becoming more acidic and tooth decay and eating frequently can create a favorable ground for decay causing cavities and bacteria.

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