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Explaining All the Benefits of Good Oral Health
January 26, 2016  |  Oral Health

Explaining All the Benefits of Good Oral Health

Quick Question: Have you brushed, flossed and rinsed yet today?

Yes? No? If so, you might want to remember to grab your toothbrush before going to bed and do it again. If not, what are you waiting for?

Good oral care is not only important for being able to flash those white dazzling smile, keeping those cavities at bay and staying away from costly dental treatments, it's equally and absolutely vital to your overall health. By keeping your mouth clean and healthy you can substantially reduce the risk of developing complications and oral diseases.

Your mouth is part of your body and it just makes sense to take oral health seriously. Beyond your teeth and gums, here are some reasons why you need to maintain a good dental hygiene and encourage others to get in the habit of having good brushing, flossing and rinsing routine:

Healthy gums, Healthier heart

Several studies have linked oral inflammatory disease and elevated heart disease risk. People with periodontal gum disease are at a higher risk of developing heart disease and are at greater risk of having a fatal heart attack. Bacterial exposure can cause gum disease and if left untreated can lead to cardiovascular disease while increasing the inflammation level throughout the body, which suggests that maintaining oral health leads to a healthier heart.

Healthy Mouth Mean Healthier Pregnancy

There are ongoing studies examining whether pregnant women with poor dental health may be at a risk of developing pre-term or low birth weight babies.  Babies with low birth weight can suffer complications including developmental problems, asthma, ear infections and behavioral difficulties and most importantly may have a higher risk of infant death. Good oral hygiene, wrapped with regular check-ups with a dentist become even more important during pregnancy, not just for themselves, but for their babies too.

Link between Gum Disease and Diabetes

It's known that people with gum disease are prone to diabetes, but surprisingly new studies suggest that serious gum disease can actually affects blood glucose control and contribute to diabetes. This can be a wake-up call to start taking care of your teeth, more on this day when the incidence of diabetes are increasing rapidly.

Detecting Oral Cancer

Your regular dental checkups also involve trained dentists examining soft tissues to ensure they are healthy and a cancer screening by inspecting the gums, lips and cheeks for any unusual change. The dentist has the skill, expert knowledge and training that can provide lifesaving early detection of oral cancer that may not be causing any noticeable symptoms.

Secret Trick to Losing Weight

Here's a fantastic trick: Because brushing your teeth signals you have finished eating, use this to your advantage and help yourself with portion control. Have a healthy meal and should you be tempted to overeat or fall for sweet desserts, go and brush your teeth. This is a wonderful way to tell your appetite that mealtime is over.

Save Money

Get the most value of your dental benefits now in order to avoid expensive treatments and save money in the long run.

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