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Dental Health, Oral Health   •   January 17, 2017

What Do Your Teeth Say About You

A person’s smile is critical for people’s perceptions. A warm, genuine smile communicates feelings that words alone cannot convey. A great, confident smile radiates warmth and allows people to feel at ease, and makes a great first impression. It goes without saying that everyone should take care of their teeth if they plan to keep […]

Oral Health   •   November 3, 2016

Should You be Using a Mouthwash?

You can help avoid a lot of dental problems by using a mouthwash. Typically, you can use mouthwash to treat a certain condition like bad breath. However, there are other problems that can be avoided by using mouthwash. These are usually found over the counter at your local pharmacy. Consult with your dental care professional […]

Oral Health   •   June 16, 2016

Maintaining Oral Hygiene While Wearing Invisible Braces

Invisible braces have been around since the turn of the century and are proving to be the most aesthetically effective treatment for crooked, overlapping teeth. Owing to their mobility, these braces have fast become the most cost-effective treatment for misaligned teeth, but it makes caring for them while under treatment a piece of work. What […]

Oral Health   •   May 23, 2016

Blunders That Have Negative Impact on Oral Health

In the process of treating many wellness-minded patients over many years, we have noticed that there are some common mistakes people routinely make that ruin their teeth and smile. While we all want to live healthier, better lives, we also witness people getting sicker at an increasingly younger age. Prevention is better than cure and […]

Oral Health   •   April 6, 2016

What Can Happen If You Don’t See The Dentist Regularly?

Sometimes it’s just too convenient to put off going to the dentist. I have yet to across someone who enjoys the experience of having sharp instruments and drills inserted into their mouths. Moreover, there is always the issue of paying the costly bill. Yet, if you neglect to visit to the dentist for regular dental […]