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Dental Checkups can Save Your Life and Your Wallet
November 28, 2016  |  Dental Health

Dental Checkups can Save Your Life and Your Wallet

Quite contrary to the popular belief, most of the really expensive dental treatments are often unnecessary. The dentist always recommends regular checkups in order to help you avoid the need for these treatments.

They monitor your dental health continuously and ensure that you don’t develop severe dental problems frequently.

Unless it’s a dental emergency, like breaking a tooth, or having one knocked out, most dental conditions like bleeding gums or cavities can be easily avoided with regular checkups at the dentist’s.

Avoiding Expensive Treatments

In the world of dentistry, the treatments become more expensive proportionally to the severity of the dental injury. Conducting regular checkups at your dentist helps in regulating the chances of such problems happening. Of course, a lot of it depends on you and the hygienic routine you keep.

However, a dentist can keep track of the progress which ensures that these severe cases are detected at an early stage. A list of these cases can be drawn as follows:

  • Cavities and tooth decay are the most common cases. Regular checks can help monitor the condition of the teeth. If there are groves or recesses developing on your teeth, the dentist can use sealants to prevent bacteria from settling and help you avoid cavities.

  • Crowded teeth, gapped teeth, over-bite, under-bite, and cross-bite are conditions when your teeth are misaligned. Monitoring the growth of teeth in children can help avoid the need for expensive braces treatment to fix these conditions. Leaving them as is can cause serious problems in the future.

  • Periodontal disease and gingivitis are various stages of gum disease. Typically, this occurs from poor hygiene that results in bacterial deposits. Regular checkups helps monitor the bacterial deposits in your mouth and gum disease can be easily avoided.

  • TMJ problems usually lead to conditions like misaligned teeth, cavities through grinding, and in rare cases, sleep apnea. Regular checkups can help detect this in early stages and can be easily avoided.

Regular checkups ensure that you don’t develop these conditions as it will need expensive treatments to restore your dental condition to normal.

Regular Dental Checkups are Affordable

Specialized dental care is expensive and you’d have to punch a hole through your wallet if you have to pay without insurance coverage.

For something that is easily avoided with regular $200 checkup sessions, why would you pay over $4000 - $5000 to fix the condition? Most braces, dentures, and implants are too expensive to procure than would have been by keeping to good hygienic routines and regular checkups.

To make it easier on your pocket, you can register with PPO dental insurances. They usually cover most dentists and their consultation fees.

Some dental clinics also accept all PPO insurances and sometimes retain a free offer for first time patients. You can also get coverage from other insurances – provided they are accepted.

Consult with your dental care professional on your best course of action.

Image Source: www.dentistglendale.com