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Women Are More Vocal When It Comes to Their Dental Phobia
August 09, 2017  |  Dental Health

Women Are More Vocal When It Comes to Their Dental Phobia

As kids, some of us were dragged kicking and screaming to the dentist. The familiar scents and sounds associated with our childhood dental clinic is etched into our minds until this very day.

The sound of a dental drill is enough to make our skin crawl. This phobia can grow along with us until we reach adulthood, and is present in both men and women.

A survey was actually conducted by the Adult Dental Health Survey in Britain concerning this issue. It revolved around women who were shown photos of different dental procedures.

Those who already suffered from this phobia were six times more likely to find the photos repulsive compared with women who had no fear whatsoever concerning dentistry in general.

The findings of this study also revealed that women were more vocal about their phobia and revulsion compared to men who suffer from the exact same issue.

Fear of going to the dentist was also found in almost half of the adults. Their phobia ranged from moderate to severe. Research also revealed that women who were in their forties are the supreme group when it comes to being afraid of the dentist.

The study conducted by The University of Sydney revealed that this particular age group was most likely to have witnessed a traumatic dental experience. They were also more susceptible to depression, stress and general anxiety.

The mere idea of visiting the dentist is scary enough to make you freeze and refuse to book a dentist appointment, even if your teeth were in unimaginable pain.

Being scared is understandable, but it also should not get in the way of you receiving proper dental care. Know that you are not alone, and that according to experts, dental phobia affects thirteen to twenty-four percent of people around the world.

Preserving your smile can only be done by paying your dentist a visit. The first thing you can do is to spill the beans on what scares you the most.

Let your dentist know how he or she can help reduce that fear over time. Luckily, we live in an age where dentistry is equipped with the latest modern technologies that cater to the comfort of patients, young and old.

Sedation dentistry is also offered to people with severe phobia. IV sedation, oral sedation as well as nitrous oxide are three safe sedatives that can be given to patients depending on their anxiety levels.
The type of procedure  also plays a part in choosing any of the above sedatives.

Dental offices nowadays employ relaxation techniques starting from the music playing from their speakers to the ambiance and lighting.  Some dentists even go out of their way to create an ideal environment for people with dental phobia.

They gently explain what the patient is going to experience and regularly ask him or her for permission to continue. These tiny details make a world of difference to these fearful patients. A good patient-dentist relationship is also crucial for managing this anxiety.

In conclusion, maintaining a positive outlook and laughing in the face of your fear will also help you cope better in time.