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Dont Masticate With Your Cracked Molar
December 20, 2017  |  Dental Health

Dont Masticate With Your Cracked Molar

What should you do if you have a cracked molar? Biting hard on ice or candies can break your teeth. At the same time grinding habit can lead to a cracked tooth. Molars are vulnerable to cracks as this is used while grinding food. Once you develop the crack the pain gets too intense.

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Not much pain is felt if you have cracked tooth. If you intake too much of hot and cold liquid; then your molar starts to pain. If you chew with the cracked molar on the side of your mouth the soft tissues will get affected. This in result will affect the blood vessel causing perish in there.

How can you tell that a tooth is cracked?

  • A dentist will go for an X-ray if the crack is not visible in a normal eye. The crack can be a hairline rupture running vertically in the tooth.

  • He will verify which tooth is causing difficulty and which segment is sensitive to heat or cold.

Do you know why cracked molar hurts?

  • Due to the pressure in biting the crack tends to open. When you stop biting, the pressure is again released, and you tend to feel the sharp pain just as the crack closes down.

  • Even though the crack may be microscopic, the pulp inside the tooth becomes affected. If the crack perturbs the pulp then the tooth possibly will turn out to be more responsive to the temperature extreme. If the pulp becomes dented due to decay or scratch, root canal treatment is essential to save the tooth.

How to treat you cracked molar?

  • When there is a deep fracture in the molar which has cut through your enamel, then the treatment is needed to foil problems like an infection or deeper fracture.

  • Depending on how brutal a crack, a dentist will propose a crown, a root canal, or removal of the tooth.

  • In some cases, a filling material is used to mend the crack and crown can impede it from getting worse.

  • If the soft tissue within your tooth has been exaggerated, after that your doctor may propose a root canal to eradicate injured tissue.

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