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Dental Sealants Can Work As a Protection for Your Teeth
June 04, 2018  |  blog

Dental Sealants Can Work As a Protection for Your Teeth

Dental sealants are used to treat a decayed tooth, it acts as a protective barrier for the surface of the teeth and prevents cavities. Some of our front teeth consist of cingulum pits while certain back teeth have fissures which are prone to bacteria. Food particles get easily stuck in those areas and it becomes very difficult to reach the bristles of the toothbrush to those parts. And tooth decay comes into the picture if debris remains stuck in the fissures and pits.

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Let's learn how dental sealants can be beneficial and protect your tooth from decaying.

It Can Prevent Severe Dental Diseases:

Several other oral diseases are bound to emerge when a decayed tooth is not treated. The infection can escalate and lead to gum disease which can further trigger many uncalled issues. The bone that supports the tooth can also get damaged and cause tooth loss due to gum disease. However, you can prevent such oral problems if you choose dental sealants to cure your decayed tooth.

It Can Save A Lot of Money:

You might have to go for costly dental treatments if the condition of your decayed tooth elevates. But, opting for dental sealants right at the beginning can not only cure your tooth but, can also restrict other oral problems from occurring. Hence, the need for going through expensive oral treatments won’t be there.

It is Not a Complicated Procedure:

The procedure of applying dental sealants is quite simple and it does not cause pain or discomfort to the patient during the treatment. It is applied quickly and doesn’t consume much time, unlike a lot of other oral treatments.

Let’s Look Into the Procedure of Applying Dental Sealants

  • The first step is to clean the surface of the tooth.

  • The dentist will then roughen the surface by applying an acidic gel.

  • After sometime the gel will be washed off in order to apply the sealant.

  • The dental sealant is applied once the surface of the tooth dries off.

Maintaining a great oral hygiene can not only help you prevent dental diseases but, can also give your general health a boost.

Let’s see what you must follow to achieve a healthy mouth.

  • Brush and floss twice a day.

  • Scrape your tongue every day.

  • Use antibacterial mouthwash to swish.

  • Quit smoking.

  • Cut down on having acidic beverages as well as foods.

  • Visit your dentist twice every year.

A decayed tooth can make you go through an insufferable pain, therefore, get it treated before it gets too late. Call us @817-438-2856 to know the importance of a good oral health.