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Fight Tooth Decay with Cosmetic Overhauls
September 01, 2016  |  Cosmetic Dentistry

Fight Tooth Decay with Cosmetic Overhauls

Cosmetic dentistry can help you deal with most of your dental problems. With a range of treatments like dental implants, dentures, dental crowns, teeth whitening among many others, cosmetic dentistry is your ideal choice for keeping your dental health in check. Even cavity treatments like root canal therapy can be enhanced using cosmetic dentistry.

Tooth decay is a serious issue and can affect people from all age groups. While children are more prone to cavities, less than half of them develop into tooth decay as growth in the mouth is still in progress. In adults, however, decay can lead to severe dental problems like tooth loss, bone loss, infected cavities, and periodontal disease to name a few. Cosmetic dentistry treatments can help battle tooth decay more effectively and you can keep your dental condition maintained with proper oral hygiene.

When is a Cosmetic Overhaul necessary?

From plaque deposits to severe injuries, tooth loss is common. But if decay sets in, you need to make sure that you prevent it in the early stages. The only way to save a tooth from decay after it has set in is to replace it with a cosmetic overhaul and taking precautions to make sure the decay hasn’t spread to the other areas of your mouth.

There are many false notions about cosmetic dentistry. The treatments are designed to ensure that your teeth are kept in good condition. You can even prevent periodontal diseases before they occur and there are remedies for misshapen gums and chipped teeth which can affect your smile extensively.

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What treatments can you expect?

The cosmetic treatments that your dental care professional can recommend for your teeth can be summarized as follows.

  • Dental implants are the best replacements for missing teeth. Porcelain crowns are the ideal cosmetic choice. These are mainly used for front teeth which demand aesthetics.

  • Tooth whitening is the most popular choice and there several ways to perform it at home as well. Home whitening kits are also impossible to customize to your specifications resulting in more complications than originally anticipated and thus it is better to do it at the dentist’s.

  • Gum contouring is effective in fixing a gummy smile or misshapen gums that interfere with proper teeth alignment. It is administered by removing gum tissue bit by bit till it looks right.

  • Aligner trays can correct improper teeth alignments. These trays need to be customized to suit your dental condition.

Dental dentures are effective if all your teeth have fallen off. You can get them customized for your mouth to effectively configure your looks.

Avoiding decay with proper oral care

The modern world demands aesthetically appealing smiles in order to be socially and professionally successful. This makes cosmetic dentistry an important aspect of all dental treatments. A lesser known fact is that your cosmetic makeover can also help you avoid serious dental issues like tooth decay, tooth discoloration, broken teeth, and even gum diseases by keeping your dental condition in order.

Maintaining your cosmetic overhauls compels you to follow a strict oral hygiene routine and this will help you take care of the natural teeth you have left. From teeth whitening to implants and dentures, proper hygiene is your best defense against most oral diseases. Getting a cosmetic overhaul may be a daunting prospect, but if you consider the benefits, cosmetic dentistry can help spruce up your looks and give you a clean bill of health.

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