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Teeth Whitening might not Always be an Ideal Solution
October 07, 2016  |  Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening might not Always be an Ideal Solution

Everyone likes their smile to look beautiful, and teeth whitening treatments have become a very popular treatment in the United States. However, your discolored teeth might not always be a simple staining problem that can be fixed with a cleaning and whitening session. In those cases, you would need proper dental care to restore your teeth to their best condition. Let’s explore more about teeth whitening and when it is not a viable solution.

Causes of discolored teeth that cannot be fixed with whitening

Teeth stains have many possible sources and whitening is not always the answer.

  • Discolored teeth can happen from gum disease and no amount of whitening will fix it.

  • Tooth decay is another case where whitening is not a viable solution.

  • When the discoloration spreads under the enamel, it increases tooth sensitivity. It has potential to damage your enamel severely.

  • Whitening strips can be very damaging if used excessively and not following usage directions properly. The chemicals they make use of are not always good for the teeth. It may cause enamel degradation, burning gums, and infections in the mouth. It can also result in hypersensitivity and uneven white splotches on the teeth, and even gum diseases requiring surgical treatments.

  • Use of dental cleaning products like rinses and mouthwashes that are meant for whitening must be limited to mild levels. The increased alcohol content is harmful to teeth.

The commercially available whitening trays are popular with the do-it-yourself community. However the bleaching that these trays use leads to decaying of the enamel layers and might end up causing periodontal disease if used extensively.

DIY teeth whitening does more harm than good

Do it yourself kits meant for teeth whitening generally serve the purpose by bleaching, whitening strips, specialized toothpaste, and rinses and mouthwashes that are designed specifically for whitening teeth. The expensive treatments are forcing more of the general public to these solutions. The boxes may look positively attractive, but DIY teeth whitening can lead to a bigger expense from dental problems in the long run.

Whitening with fillings

Typically, bonded fillings prevent teeth whitening treatments from being possible. Replacements will become necessary if the color differs too much or if the surrounding teeth are damaged or decayed. Veneers and artificial crowns are better for whitening treatments as they are stronger and complications can be avoided when the treatments are applied.

As a rule, the bonded fillings themselves cannot be whitened. If you are looking for aesthetic makeovers, depending on the condition of your teeth you may need to get a complete overhaul in order to blend the artificial teeth with the natural ones. Consult with your dental care professional for the best possible option for your condition.

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