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DIY Teeth Whitening is not an Ideal Solution
July 21, 2016  |  Teeth Whitening

DIY Teeth Whitening is not an Ideal Solution

It is found that DIY teeth whitening have become popular ever since generalized kits came out on sale. People are opting to find their teeth whitening solutions at home rather than spend over their heads on a professional consultation.

However what most people fail to realize is that these kits only provide a temporary solution. You may have brilliant white teeth now, but in the long run, you may develop gum diseases, tooth decay and other severe dental problems.

Using DIY kits

The DIY teeth whitening kits are available over the counter with boxed instructions for use. They can contain whitening strips, or bleaching trays. Whitening strips are applied on the teeth and left on for a specified amount of time. After you remove and rinse, your teeth will be a little lighter. Over regular use you may achieve the shade of white you are after.

Bleaching trays work in a similar fashion, except they cover the entire teeth arch. Trays remove the possibility of imperfect whitening as they cover the entire set. In do-it-yourself communities, trays are the more popular choice.

Problems with DIY kits

The main problem with DIY kits is that they are generalized. Not everyone’s mouth is the same and therefore, generalized trays are not a viable solution. The bleaching chemical used may be more concentrated than is healthy for your teeth arch, and this can lead to severe dental problems in the long run.

Teeth whitening strips and trays administer the whitening agent directly to the teeth. If they are not customized to fit your teeth arch, the whitening happens haphazardly and you may be left with splotches of white and discolored teeth instead of the pearly white sheen you were looking for.

Cosmetic appeal is the objective with teeth whitening. DIY teeth whitening strips can boast of a perfect job, but you can never predict the outcome. Your teeth may be sensitive to the chemicals in the strips and they can also damage the gums. Since these kits are generalized, the chances for the situation to worsen increase drastically.

Professional whitening is the better option

While DIY teeth whitening sounds appealing, getting your teeth whitening done professionally is the better deal. At a dentist’s, your dental health will be effectively diagnosed and you will be provided with a customized tray made from impressions of your teeth arch to fit perfectly. The chemicals used are also moderated to ensure that you do not develop dental problems.

The interesting bit is that these whitening trays can also be used easily at home and you can rest easy knowing that they won’t harm your teeth. Teeth can get discolored because of plaque and tartar deposits and consulting a dental care professional will take care of that as well.