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It is safe to say that you are among the 80% of Americans that need more white teeth? Do you feel that your SMILE is important with regards to initial introductions? By study most Americans do.

Whiter, Brighter Smile – Happier You Infographic

Whiter, Brighter Smile
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Your Oral Health and Whiter Smile Depend on You and Your Habits


You can have a whiter smile by following a simple dental health plan.


  • See the dentist for all Teeth Whitening. He can recommend a treatment that is best for you.
  • See the hygenist for regular cleanings.
  • Eat crunchy fruits and vegetables like apples carrots and celery.
  • Brush with baking soda.
  • Eat cheese after a meal.
  • Brush and floss regularly.
  • Avoid foods that stain your teeth like coffee, dark sodas, wine and dark fruit juices.
  • Stop smoking or chewing tobacco.

Smile! Make those first impressions count with whiter teeth.

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Start With A Smile

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