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Beautiful Smile & Yellow Teeth. Worried?
December 08, 2017  |  Dental Health

Beautiful Smile & Yellow Teeth. Worried?

Break free from 7 bad habits to avoid corn like teeth

Nothing is more appealing than treating your teeth with the soft hue of yellow corn but what if your teeth is yellow is as yellow as corn. It ruins your smile and the one seeing way. And you don’t want to get humiliated in your peer group.

So if you want a spotless smile then you need to restrict your bad habits by sacrificing some of your habits:

1.   In taking Coffee, tea, wine? Not happening.

Winter morning fun gets doubled with warm cup of black coffee. Similarly, wine in the evening can affect your teeth with its ingredients. This thing makes sure that stains remain in your teeth, leaving a permanent yellow patch in your enamel.

Coffee tea contains tannins and chromogens and in a way has high amount of acidic content in it. But at the same time if you think; it’s okay to shift to white wine. You are again wrong because that too leaves a patch in your teeth.

2.  Ingested too much of fluoride?

Fluoride helps to strength enamel but too much of anything can cause problems, when you ingest too much of fluoride from the beginning, your tooth health starts to deteriorate. This kind of enamel imperfection is generally called fluorosis; and turns your teeth as yellow as corn.

3.  Are you a passive smoker?

Passive smokers can deter your immune system at the same time produce a dark patch in your teeth. The nicotine in the cigarettes when mixed with oxygen can increase the tendency to make a dark patch in your teeth, hence making it yellow.

4.  Unconsciously doing bruxism?

Tooth grinding can stress your gum and at the same time it will weaken your teeth' enamel hence making it yellow. At some point of time teeth becomes so yellow in color that it generally breaks off. If are doing this make sure that you wear a mouth guard.

5.  Are you under medical treatment?

If you have some kind of problem doctor must have prescribed you antibiotics, this is one biggest source that your teeth get stained and turns into yellow. Somehow the spots are permanent if it is under a medical condition.

6.  Carelessly chewing pencils?

Are you thoughtlessly chewing the end of pencils and brushes? Not only this is corrupting your immune system but at the same time turning your teeth yellow, the amount of germs that they are carrying is innumerable.

7.  Skipping oral habits deter your orifice

If you eat flavored and colored foods and do not brush and floss then it leaves stain in your mouth.

Try to maintain your own oral health, if you see a glimpse of your teeth is getting yellow in color then make sure you take care of and undergo some of the home remedies if the patch is too deep try for going teeth-whitening ,in-office bleaching in your dentist clinic. Affordable Dentist Near Me is giving the best service through years so if you are undergoing this kind of staining problems then get it cured before you totally damage your teeth and make your appearance dreadful.