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Top 7 Foods To Avoid In This Christmas If You Have Sensitive Teeth
December 18, 2017  |  Dental Health

Top 7 Foods To Avoid In This Christmas If You Have Sensitive Teeth

“What though I cannot meet my bills?

What though I suffer toothache’s ills?

What though I swallow countless pills?

Well life is too short to spend your time in this dental problem. But now it is time that you can relax yourself from tooth pain and sensitivity, and eats the best that suits your mouth.

You can readily blame some foods that increase your teeth and make it tenderer. Acidic, hot and sticky food can always increase your sensitivity more and more.


Having sensitive food but still you want to take in soda, your teeth will not only be in a mess but will intervene in your sleep. When you drink soda it starts to interact with the bacteria in the mouth. The sugar starts to react with bacteria and the damaging last for about 20 minutes. The effects that soda has on teeth are:

Erosion and cavities.

You can use a straw at times to have this but try to stop it.

Cold dessert

Ice cream will hurt your teeth; generally people with high sensitivity lack the top layer of the enamel and this results in tooth pain. The sugar in the cream will cause to counter with microbes and resulting in the acidic formation in the mouth. So try to keep away from ice-cream as it will hurt the sensitive tissues in the mouth.


Sweet candies are always tempting, lollipop, caramelized toffee, gummy bear and licorice can strike your teeth hard and it may fall off. It affects the nerve and the pulp inside the teeth and hence it will affect your teeth.

Tomatoes and citrus fruits

Tomatoes are highly acidic and hence increase tooth sensitivity, similarly so does citrus fruits like lemon, limes, grapefruit can trigger tooth sensitivity and pain.


Continued drinking of wine can damage your enamel. Just like your skin your teeth has many pores into it. When you in take a sip of it it aggravates the nerve and affect and weaken your enamel.

But still you want to have wine you can nibble on cheese to neutralize the effect of acid in it.


If your teeth is in a bad condition and still you want to chew on ice and then resist the habit as this will not only produce pain but at the same time can cause serious health deterioration.


Tobacco can increase your sensitivity quite a lot more. Tobacco users are more likely to have sticky plaque on their teeth that is complicated to confiscate, which can origin gum troubles and sooner or later it will increase to gum recession. The enamel is slender mainly at the gum line where the crowns convene the root. The retreated gum represents this enamel to wear and tear, and also renders the root leading to sensitivity. It also leaves the tooth susceptible to decomposition, which can grounds sensitivity.

These are certain foods along with little bad habits in your everyday life that you need to shred off to keep away tooth sensitivity. Affordable Dentist Near Me is giving the best service in your locality, catch them up as soon as possible to get the best treatment done.