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How Dental Crown Can Extend The Life Of A Tooth?
November 04, 2015  |  Dental Crown

How Dental Crown Can Extend The Life Of A Tooth?

When you make a purchase these days, depending on the item’s value you'll often be asked, "Would you be interested in purchasing an extended warranty..?"

When the situation involves your teeth, we do have an answer. Here's how: Your natural permanent teeth do have a "warranty" of sorts and are meant to last for a lifetime. You're more likely to own this lifelong value if you do two things - one, practice good oral hygiene and two, be aware of your treatment options if dental problems occur.

Brushing and flossing your teeth regularly and visiting your general dentist for dental check-ups periodically, at least two times per year, are a great start. However, the truth is, your teeth are not immune to decay, loss, crack and damage.  Some of them are beyond the help of fillings and other related procedure. This is where dental crowns come in the picture.

Dental crown is essentially an artificial tooth that is placed over the top of the decayed or damaged tooth for strength, support and to protect it from extensive harm. The treatment has been used in the dentistry for years for the repair of broken or severely impaired teeth.

As one of the most common treatments, dental crowns are an effective and popular restorative dentistry solution offering:

  • Restoration of the shape, size and strength of your tooth/teeth

  • Enhancement of the appearance of your discolored teeth

  • Creation of a new dental prosthesis on tooth surface for dental implant

  • Protection from further damaged caused by tooth decay.

  • Restoration of your chipped, cracked tooth

  • Support for dental bridge        


Your tooth is initially shaped so that the crown is properly bond to the tooth and fit adequately between the other teeth. Prior to the shaping process, the dentist will numb you thoroughly with local anesthesia. Post-procedure, the crown will feel just like your natural teeth.

Dental Crowns have been made using a wide variety of materials - gold, silver, iron and lead over the centuries. Today, they are made of metals, various glass composites and resins and as a patient, you can determine the type of crown that would be best suited for your needs. Most of them prefer to have all-porcelain or zirconia crowns that can be formed and colored to blend in flawlessly with your natural teeth. Additionally, they can be created faster than ever with the help computerized systems for full functionality quicker and with more efficiency.

The longevity of a crown depends not only on the material but largely on the amount of care it receives and the health of the supporting tooth and gums as well.

Remember to brush, floss, and consistently see your dentist for routine check-ups and teeth cleaning to curb decay and other related disease. In order to prevent them from loosening, avoid grinding your teeth when chewing foods, especially hard and sticky ones.
The dental are created to last over 10 years provided proper care is taken.

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