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The Proven Method for Dental Care After Extraction
July 11, 2016  |  Uncategorized

The Proven Method for Dental Care After Extraction

The most commonly administered dental treatment besides cleaning and whitening processes is teeth extraction. It is usually recommended when your teeth arch has misaligned or crowded teeth, or in the event of infections that have resulted in tooth decay all the way to the pulp. Your tooth extraction procedure will be conducted by your dentist or your dental surgeon.

Taking care of your oral health is necessary to recover from this treatment and you can expect some discomfort as your gums heal themselves. You can take care of the affected area from home as well following the directives of your dental care professional.

What to expect during tooth extraction?

It is useful to be aware of what to expect during the treatment. Typically, it starts with administering a local anesthetic to numb the affected area.

A general anesthetic is also used in cases where more than a single tooth needs to be extracted and puts you to sleep during the entire operation and you will feel nothing during the entire procedure.

If it is impacted, the tooth extraction is performed by cutting away parts of the gum and bone tissue that covers the tooth. The oral surgeon uses a pair of forceps to gently pry the affected tooth away from its place. In case it is broken, the extraction is performed piece by piece so that the fragments do not end up infecting the area.

Taking care of the affected area

After the tooth extraction, the empty socket is usually closed by a blood clot. Your dentist will provide you with a gauze pad to bite down on to stop the bleeding. In specific cases, self-dissolving stitches are also applied to plug the wound on the extraction site. Once complete, you will be advised on the best ways to take care of your dental health at home.

  • You will be prescribed painkillers after the treatment. You can take them as directed or when the need arises.

  • An ice bag can help reduce the swelling in the affected area and should be applied immediately after treatment.

  • You should brush and floss carefully so as not to disturb the affected area to the point of infections

  • Rinse your mouth with warm saline water after 24 hours of completing the procedure.

Care tips at home

It is important to take care of your oral health right after tooth extraction. You will be given instructions regarding the medications you would need and how you can apply them. Besides this, you should be taking care of your mouth to prevent complications.

It is advisable to limit your activity for a few days till the wound heals completely. Avoid drinking through straws or eating hard foods initially as they can hinder your recovery.

It is also advised to avoid smoking as it can inhibit healing. Consult your dental care professional for the best way to care for your dental health.