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4 Things to Know About Getting Braces As An Adult
February 24, 2022  |  blog

4 Things to Know About Getting Braces As An Adult

You've long resigned yourself to a life with crooked teeth because you never had braces as a teenager. However, you've lately discovered that adult orthodontic treatment is far more frequent than you previously imagined. In reality, nearly a million individuals acquire braces each year to treat a variety of aesthetic or oral health issues. So, are they suitable for you? Here are four important considerations to explore before committing to adult braces.

The treatment time will not be as long as you believe:

Because children's jaws are still growing, braces tend to operate faster for them. However, this does not imply that you will have to wear braces for the remainder of your adult life. The exact timing will vary based on the type of braces purchased and the complexity of the intended modifications. However, with advances in orthodontics, the process is now on average faster than it was decades ago. Adult braces are typically worn for 18 to 26 months.

You have many options to select from:

While metal braces are still used today, they are not the sole option for orthodontic therapy. Ceramic braces are popular among elderly patients because they are constructed of a transparent material that blends in much better with the teeth. If you don't want to wear traditional braces and wires, you might inquire about Invisalign® clear aligners, which are clear, plastic dental appliances that can be easily removed when it's time to eat. Your orthodontist may go through the benefits and drawbacks of each choice with you and help you choose the one that best fits your needs and lifestyle.

Your dental health will be better with straighter teeth:

Misaligned teeth might raise your risk of dental decay and gum disease, even if you aren't aware of it. Food is more likely to become lodged in teeth that aren't correctly aligned, and you'll have a more difficult time cleaning as completely as you should. Furthermore, because the stresses of the bite aren't distributed appropriately, crooked teeth wear out faster. After you've straightened your teeth with braces, you'll find it much easier to maintain your smile over time.

You'll have more confidence:

Crooked teeth can undermine your confidence, making it difficult to smile in public. However, once your orthodontic treatment is finished and the difficulties that previously embarrassed you are resolved, you'll find it much simpler to show off your grin to friends and strangers alike.

Don't be hesitant to discuss getting braces as an adult with your orthodontist. It's a feasible choice for achieving the superior smile you deserve, whether it's only to improve your look or for more significant oral health issues. Make an appointment for your first orthodontic consultation right now!

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