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Not Getting Sleep at Night Due to Toothache? These 8 Tips Could Be Your Savior
February 06, 2018  |  blog

Not Getting Sleep at Night Due to Toothache? These 8 Tips Could Be Your Savior

A toothache can turn out to be the worst ordeal of your life if it’s quite severe and the situation becomes unbearable if it takes place at night. The constant throbbing won’t let you get a peaceful sleep and make you go through a lot of pain but that does not mean that there are no ways to restrain it. You can try out the tips which are provided below; it could help you to break free from the intolerable pain.

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An ointment for Healing: This may sound like a temporary solution but it would at least let you sigh for the time being. So, ask your pharmacist which ointment would be the best to reduce a toothache so that you can get a good sleep at night.

Have Some Clove: Clove happens to be one of the best things to heal a toothache. Keep some in the area which has been affected by bacteria and keep chewing on it. This will certainly lessen the pain.

A Mixture of Baking Soda and Salt: Baking soda is helpful in many ways but who knew that it could also reduce a toothache? Add some salt to it and then apply the mixture with wet cotton, it will surely be comforting.

Use an Ice Bag: You can easily get your hands on an ice bag at your nearest medical store. Place it on your pillow and sleep on the side where the teeth have been affected. The pain will gradually come down. You can put some ice in a handkerchief and do the same if you are not being able to find an ice bag.

Rinse with Whiskey: This may sound a little bizarre but it does help. Take a sip of whiskey and rinse your mouth properly before sleeping. You yourself will feel the difference after that.

Elevate Your Head: You can also elevate your head and sleep as it does not affect the sensitive areas. Even the blood flow to your head decreases during that time due to which the toothache disappears for a while.

Don’t Commit the Mistake of Eating Sweet: Who does not relish a sweet after dinner? But you should never go for it if you are having a severe toothache, it will escalate the pain or else. So, eat carefully before going to bed.

Floss to Remove Food Crumbs: Flossing plays a humongous role in taking out the unwanted debris which is stuck in between teeth. Trapped food particles are also a reason for a toothache. Thus, don’t forget to floss before going off to sleep.

Hopefully, the tips which have been mentioned here will help you to purge an intolerable toothache. You can also take advice from us for free, call @(817) 984-5419 to book an appointment.