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How does a root canal treatment benefit the patient?
June 13, 2022  |  blog

How does a root canal treatment benefit the patient?

The dentist in Lancaster may necessitate a root canal treatment when the tooth pulp gets infected. The procedure reduces the current infection and prevents the teeth from getting contaminated by further infections. Even though the dental procedure is complicated and requires multiple visits by the patient, it is, at times, the only viable option for saving the tooth. It is because the hard dentin layer and the soft tissues known as the pulp are present within the enamel of the tooth. It is the place from where the teeth grow. In addition, the pulp contains blood vessels, nerve tissues, and connective tissues. Once the pulp gets infected, the dentist will suggest root canal therapy in which the infected pulp tissue is removed.

Root Canal Procedure

The Lancaster dentist will also drill out the nerves of the root canal. The root canals are then widened with the help of files to ensure that the infected tissues have to be removed. An inert filling is used for filling the canals that are not infected yet. Once done, the dentist will place a dental crown to prevent the breakage of the tooth. Root canal therapy helps in saving natural teeth. It helps the person chew effectively and gives their mouth a natural appearance. It avoids the need for replacing damaged teeth with dental implants, thus avoiding the additional expenses the person might have to incur. After root canal treatment, the person will get back their natural smile, and it also boosts their self-esteem, which was earlier low due to the dental infection the person was suffering from.

Saves The Natural Teeth

The rest of the teeth are also protected by saving affected teeth, which are indirectly affected due to excessive wear. The person can experience the normal biting force and natural sensations by preserving the natural teeth. Thus you can continue eating your favorite foods. The need for dental work is quite less in a natural tooth compared to an artificial tooth such as dental implants.

A Better Option Compared To Tooth Extraction

The dentist in Lancaster will perform a careful dental examination to determine whether the infected tooth can be rectified through a dental filling, root canal therapy, or tooth extraction. Extracting the tooth may be required if the infection has advanced to a stage where the damage is irreparable. However, tooth extraction is irreversible, and not replacing the missing teeth with an artificial tooth may cause physical appearance and bite changes. It may also cause the surrounding teeth to shift.

Thus root canal therapy can alleviate the pain and prevent further damage to the tooth. It also prevents the spread of bacteria that affect the tooth. Thus the benefit outweighs the overall cost you spend for root canal therapy. Are you in need of root canal therapy? Then visit your nearest dentist in Lancaster.