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The Reasons Why Your Denture Gets Broken
July 07, 2022  |  blog

The Reasons Why Your Denture Gets Broken

There's nothing worse than having your dentures fall out of your mouth. Even if you don't use your dentures for anything other than eating, speaking, and smiling every day, the fact that you have broken something meant to endure might make you feel down. Keep in mind that damaged dentures may happen to anybody. Even though dentures, particularly the teeth, are built to be sturdy and long-lasting, they are nonetheless prone to breaking. Pink acrylic is the most prone to shatter or fracture in complete dentures since it encircles gums and a person's mouth. It is possible to prevent harm to a denture in three different methods. Dentures can be repaired even if they fall apart. Visit My Affordable Dentist Near Me in Fort Worth, TX, for more information on dentures.

Why Do Your Dentures Break?

Accidents happen, And Dentures Might Slip out of one's mouth

Dropping your dentures isn't a guarantee that they'll shatter, but it's something to consider. If dentures are dropped on a stiff vinyl or tile floor in the bathroom, they are more likely to shatter. When dentures are dropped, the pink base often fractures rather than the teeth. It's more typical for teeth to break when someone eats something hard or uses their teeth as a tool, such as opening packages. Dentures should only be used for chewing, speaking, and smiling, and should be stored in a protective case when not in use to prevent damage. Do not leave the cup in which you're soaking your dentures on your bedside table while you sleep. Opt for another location where you won't be able to knock them over by mistake instead. The dentures should be cleaned on a towel or the floor while standing so that if they are dropped, they will hit the ground on a soft surface.

Over Time, Wear and Tear

Every day, you wear your dentures. The fact that you eat with them means that they are vulnerable to harm from a variety of sources. Constant chewing exerts pressure on your dentures, causing the teeth to dissolve over time. This is the most evident cause of denture wear. Dentures can be damaged by eating complex meals, just as natural teeth may be damaged by eating hard foods. However, you may not have thought of all the possible causes of wear and tear. Because so many of the things we eat and drink are either hot or cold, they may also damage the structural integrity of your dentures. Acidic foods may also cause dentures to dissolve, just as they can natural teeth. Moisture in the mouth further accelerates deterioration. Your teeth might benefit from avoiding hard foods like hard candy and some nuts, which can wear them down over time. Dentures are easily damaged when ice is consumed. Therefore proper denture care is required for your dentures.

Incorrect Fitment

If your dentures are excessively loose, they may slip out of your mouth and cause serious injury. The dentures may break if they fall and strike anything hard. Dentures that don't fit properly might cause teeth to crack or shatter, making them more vulnerable to decay and disease. Denture wearers' mouths naturally change shape over time, which is why their denture fit may have altered. If your dentures don't fit properly, you should get them relined by a denturist to prevent further damage.

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