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How to Take Good Care of Teeth During Holidays
December 27, 2016  |  Dental Health

How to Take Good Care of Teeth During Holidays

Carrying beautiful and healthy white teeth is an essential part of Holiday rejoices. It makes us look different and confident enough to interact with our close ones. Moreover, it defines the true form of our beauty, which when appearing in equal proportion with clothing elegance makes us look unique and distinct.

Since holidays are packed with parties, we linger in the ocean of wine, cookies, beverages, crispy chicken, and other junk foods. Unknown to many of us, out dental and oral health are on the verge of getting severely affected if relevant precautions are not taken. So, what are the ways to take good care of teeth during the holidays?

The ways are simple and do not need much effort to put in action. Well, feel free to explore the following way to make teeth healthy.

Having a Balanced Diet

A diet rich in nuts, green vegetables, fresh fruits, and milk products can help in enhancing the health of teeth and gums. Washing the mouth vigorously after having a sugary diet and limiting the intake of beverages promises healthy white teeth. Consuming enough water all through the day makes gum healthy and affluent. Moreover, drinking fresh fruit juice would not only strengthen the immune system but also make teeth strong, robust, and white.

Periodic Dental Checkup

Having a periodic dental checkup can be highly beneficial in knowing the present condition of teeth. A dentist could diagnose any early symptom of oral cancer and thereby allow you take quick steps to resolve it. Even early diagnosis of cavities, plaque, and gum recession can help in avoiding complex treatment in the future as relevant steps are thereon taken to neutralize the condition as seen by the dentists.

Brushing Teeth Effectively

Brushing teeth twice a day helps in clearing the yellow deposits on the layer of enamel. Using fluoride toothpaste further helps in strengthening the enamel of teeth. Furthermore, hard toothbrushes must not be used as it may damage the gum and enamel if used roughly. After brushing at night one can also use effective mouthwash to kill any bacteria present between the layers of teeth. Dentists suggest that after every meal or intake of beverages or sugar-rich food, brushing teeth for at least 2 minutes can be beneficial.

Limiting Alcohol & Beverages

Alcohol and Beverages are very much harmful for dental health. It affects the enamel layer and even results in gum recession. The chances of acquiring cavities, gum diseases, toothache, fillings etc magnify on long-term consumption of alcohol and beverages. Tea and Coffee often stains the teeth with yellow deposits and makes it prone to develop cavities. Instead of drinking beverages in the early morning and late evening, drinking fresh fruit juice could give beneficial in terms of dental health.

Stopping Smoking

Smoking is extremely harmful for oral & dental health. It enhances the chance of acquiring cancers, which is life-threatening and can cost fortune. Smoking further tarnishes the whiteness of teeth and erodes the enamel. In addition, it causes bad breath, cavities, swollen gums, and in many cases gum bleeding. If smoking is ceased then all the teeth would once again gather their strength and robustness. Although smoking is a tough thing to quit, having strong will power and doctor consultation can certainly help in overcoming it.

Taking good care of dental health during the holidays is amazing enough to appear healthy and affluent anywhere.

With exquisite dresses, paired with silky hair and white smile, the night on the dance floor would bring tides of amazing holiday memories. After all, a party without energetic white smiles is lifeless and vile.