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Your Fort Worth Guide to Teeth Whitening
June 16, 2017  |  Teeth Whitening

Your Fort Worth Guide to Teeth Whitening

They say smiling is the best medicine, and there are a million reasons to smile in the city of culture and cowboys. However, your smile might be missing that shiny allure that once made you the center of attention in any photo or birthday party.

Luckily, there are plenty of teeth-whitening options available over the counter to give you back that irresistible southern smile.



However, before you purchase any whitening strips from your local drugstore in Fort Worth, make sure you know the following information:


Not all Teeth Whitening Products are the Same

Hydrogen peroxide is the common ingredient found in whitening strips, gel trays and dental office gels. It releases oxygen molecules in your mouth that react with the stains covering your teeth, effectively removing them.

This ingredient is found in different concentrations depending on the type of whitening kit. In drugstore products, hydrogen peroxide ranges from three to fifteen percent. This percentage is much higher when it comes to dental office gels, ranging from fifteen to around forty percent.


Sensitivity is Unpredictable

Any product that polishes your teeth may subject them to a degree of sensitivity or pain. Fortunately, some treatments are accompanied by a desensitizing gel that can be used before or after  whitening them.Purchasing a toothpaste or mouthwash  with a desensitizing effect can also do the trick.

However, if sensitive teeth are a common occurrence in your daily life, then dental experts recommend going for a checkup just in case there are any cavities or gum issues that need to be treated.


Teeth Whitening Does Not Work on Crowns and Veneers

If you have veneers or crowns already in place before the bleaching process, then their color will remain unchanged. Your teeth will end up with mismatched colors which can be a problem, especially if those veneers were at the forefront of your smile.

Exploring the option of having them replaced is one solution to this problem. If you do choose to replace them, experts recommend waiting from seven to ten days after bleaching to pick a new color for your crowns or veneers.


 Your Tooth Enamel is in Good Hands

If you follow directions and stick to the whitening instructions, then you are unlikely to damage your precious tooth enamel. According to experts, this is just a myth since there is no evidence of damage in the short term.


Whitening is Not Permanent

Nothing lasts forever. Everything fades, even bleaching your teeth. This can happen from drinking coffee and smoking or improper dental hygiene. You will eventually need to undergo the whitening process again depending on how well you take care of your pearly whites.


Know Your At-Home Bleaching Options

According to experts, custom trays are the number one option for at home whitening treatment, followed by whitening strips. If you opt for trays, make sure you use a small amount of the bleaching agent for every tooth. For a practical brushing option, electric toothbrushes with blue light technology are also a viable solution.

They come with their own teeth whitening gel and can be used in the comfort of your own bathroom.

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