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Dental Myths Debunked by a Fort Worth Dentist
July 02, 2015  |  Uncategorized

Dental Myths Debunked by a Fort Worth Dentist

As a Fort Worth dentist, we treat patients who come in with health concerns. During these appointments, we start by examining the teeth to determine what the problem is, how to treat it, and how to prevent it from happening again. Once a tooth is healthy, keeping the mouth in good health is important and necessary for avoiding future discomfort. While working with patients to create plans, we often spend time refuting oral health myths that may have contributed to the condition in the first place. For example, many people think that diet soda is okay for the teeth because it is sugar-free. The problem is that soda is bad for you for two reasons: the sugar and the acid. Diet soda is still highly acidic, and drinking large quantities of it can lead to enamel erosion. As the enamel is stripped from the teeth, they become sensitive and often require additional dental treatments to protect them. We recommend that if you drink diet soda, you limit the quantity of it and rinse your mouth with water afterward. You should also brush with a fluoride toothpaste to strengthen your teeth.

To understand how dental myths can be dangerous, here is a list of a few we hear on a regular basis.

Myth – Raw diets are good for teeth.

Just like diet soda is acidic, raw diets can be, as well. If you eat a lot of acidic fruit, for example, it is important to protect your teeth by rinsing them afterward. We invite you to visit our Fort Worth dentist office any time you are starting a new diet, so we can let you know how it may or may not impact your teeth.

Myth – Root canals are only for infected teeth.

As a Fort Worth dentist, we perform root canals to remove the infected portion of a tooth and to treat roots that have been damaged. This can happen when a person has too much dental work completed in quick succession or due to an accident or other trauma. It is important to protect your teeth and to carefully plan for when you will have dental work done in order to prevent these issues. If you ever do need a root canal, we can complete the procedure while keeping you comfortable.

Myth – Women do not get oral cancer.

Both men and women get oral cancer, so while men over the age of fifty are at the greatest risk, this is not something to take for granted. Oral cancer claims one life every day, and with the prevalence of the HPV virus, people are being diagnosed younger and younger. We recommend that you have an oral cancer screening once a year and watch for some early cancerous signs at home, like lumps and bumps, red and white spots, and rough patches inside of your mouth. If you notice any of these things, call our office for an examination. As with any cancer, early detection and treatment is key, so you do not want to ignore the signs.